VIDEO: Zut alors! Monsieur Romney's "lean years" in France not so lean after all.


Holy myth-information, Batman! Can this pathetic clown car packed with GOP candidates get anything right? Seriously, every time they open their mouths, there is video to contradict them.

The latest debunkitude seems to turn the above claims by Willard in this video on their têtes.

Via Think Progress (link over for more):

But according to fellow American missionaries who spoke with the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, Romney not only had a refrigerator and toilet, but a lot more. The missionaries said Romney spent most of his time in France in a Paris mansion that some described as a “palace.” It featured a cook, a servant, stained glass windows and expensive art, and later became an embassy.

Le oops.  Vive la 1%.



  • I lived in Caen, France (a large university town) as a student from 1974-1993. The first year I lived there, I lived well off of $100 a month. Mitt lived with 5-6 times that. So, Mitt lived VERY WELL back then, VERY WELL indeed!

  • Even Mitt Romney, the "moderate" the right-wing-dings hate, has to lie for political advantage. HUH!

  • Typical GOP politician. They will say anything. Truth be damned.