VIDEO: Occupy Charleston protesters "mic check" Michele Bachmann


Occupy Bachmann!

And via First Read:

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Bachmann temporarily left the stage mid-speech under police escort after protesters stood up and started chanting about 10 minutes into her address. [...]

Bachmann first stood frozen at the podium, seemingly unsure whether to let the protesters continue or try to stop them. Members of the audience started a loud counter-protest of "sit down!" to no avail.

Bachmann was escorted off the stage by police and led away from the stage...

She was clearly thrown and tried to joke her way out of it with, "Don't you love the First Amendment?"

Yes, yes we do, no matter how hard some try to assault our rights.

H/t: Keith Olbermann

  • WordSmith

    Oh, I'm it's fucking okay when THEY do it, but we can't do it.  See - the First Amendment swings both ways, assholes.  What's good for the fucking ReThugs and their side cart Tea Partiers is JUST as good for us.

    And just for an FYI, I had an appointment at the VA the other day and happened to see one of those penis extender pickups with a sticker on the rear window that said: "God, not Government."  Seriously?  Never saw the driver, but this dipshit wants a fucking theocracy?  Do they even understand what they're saying/demanding?

  • JeffWilfahrt

    No bushes to hide in this time. The truth is out their Big Hair Bad Makeup Bachmann, the truth is out there.

  • Damn those pesky protesters and their First Amendment! Don't they know the First Amendment is only for God-fearing, America-loving conservatives and their cronies!