Guess how many people want MSNBC to fire Pat Buchanan... Hint: A lot!



We've written post after excoriating post here at TPC about MSNBC's "Uncle Pat", yet he's still a contributor and has been for years.... a despicable bigoted, racist one who keeps shooting off his big mouth in full view of millions of viewers (hide the kids, literally).

MSNBC continues to invite him on, and he continues to offend us because he draws viewers. Why else would they expose us to all that toxicity? It's all about ratings.

Maybe now they'll take a hint.

Think Progress is reporting that a whole lot of people are objecting. I do believe I was one of those who signed the petition that was sent to MSNBC president Phil Griffin:

In response, African-American civil rights organization and CREDO Action gathered 275,000 people who are demanding that MSNBC President Phil Griffin fire Buchanan immediately. The petition reads, “Buchanan has a long and consistent history of peddling white supremacist ideology as legitimate political commentary, on your network and elsewhere.”

Nobody is saying Buchanan doesn't have a right to opine or be on the Tee Vee machine, but when he "broadcasts bigotry and hate to millions" he crosses a very bright line.

Dump him already.