VIDEO: David Letterman tells Keith Olbermann that he "loves" Occupy Wall Street. "This is the way we get change."


Go Dave!

“I love these people causin’ trouble... Increasingly, this is the way we get change in this country.”

And of course, go Keith!

  • VNEVET56

    A couple of arrogant, self-absorbed members of the 1 % purporting to "support" the OWS message. What have they done, other than provide lip service, to bring about the " social/economic equality" they supposedly support? Hypocrites of a similar ilk as Michael Moore, reaping millions of dollars while criticizing the very system that allowed them to have the elite life-style they enjoy. Their "hypocrisy knows no bounds' (Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone).

  • statinman

    I miss Keith Olbermann's show. Especially the 'worst person' slot.

  • And a non industry one right here in TPC comments! No surprise at all.

  • Pat McGroyn

    A couple of entertainment industry assbags agreeing with each other.  What a surprise.