VIDEO: Burger King Denies Occupy Wall Street Participant Coffee


Nothing like a good cup of coffee:

"Good to the last corp."

"Richness worth a second corp."

"The best part of waking up is Folger's in your corp."

And the unforgettable...

"From our plantation to your corp!

~ Cafe Britt, Costa Rica's arabica coffee beans

As for Burger King:

Have it your way.


Sometimes you’ve got to break the rules.

Oh, the irony...

H/t: @BPGulfLeak

  • mema

    STFU Scooter.

  • Jim

    what was the real basis of the You Tube video coming down???

  • Modans55

    I am trying to keep it postive, bra. I don't profess to have the answers, I wasn't one of the politicians who allowed our political system to be bought by Corporate America, so I don't know HOW it was broken. I do know that our politicians have allowed the little guy to be shoved aside at all costs and procedures.

    Of course the Occupy movement isn't organized, but that doesn't make it insignificant. The Central Theme is the same, "Wall Street and the Banks stretched the rules to take advantage of an ill-informed clientele in order to capitalize in their own self-interests".  People were cheated upon and WE are paying for the actions of the precipitators, who are free to repeat their transgressions.

  • Modans55

    It's your guidelines, GL. Someone can't abide by the rules, they get gone.

  • Aztigermma

    did you see the kitchen and media, clothes....first aid tents, much better than most bro. lets try and keep it positive, unless you have answers.

  • Damn. Thanks.

  • Video was pulled by youtube.

  • Fed-up Texan-American

    I think it's high treason what both political parties are doing, blocking anything and everything so the other side can't claim a win, all the while screwing We The People, and giving every perk to corporations. The founding fathers all warned against a two party system, and it took a while, but everything they said would happen is happening.
    Applause to everyone who is standing up for what is correct and fair. It seems our creedo of "Liberty and Justice for All" went out the window long ago, but they had everyone so worried about terrorism and other trumped up crap that nobody really noticed (or cared).

    I will believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.

  • chrisc1978

    I think they deserve applause for standing up in protest of a flawed system.... and maybe the support of their forebears rather than their criticism. The protest is secondary to the cause, but if you think you can do it better, you know where they are! I'm sure you'll be welcomed with open arms! 


    altho BK is my choice when I'm needing something to eat while driving.......  they will NEVER get any more of my business.  THANK YOU.

  • MoDan, I deleted his comments for a reason, they were offensive. I'll edit them here, too, for the same reason.

  • Tempy123 (unregistered) wrote:    And this is why you people are getting maced.           

  • Bye-bye, Tempy.

  • I am editing your vile comment out, Tempy, and you are no longer welcome here.

  • Tempy123

    And this is why you people are getting maced.

  • moDans..this assclown WolfmanWild forgets to mention that *all* BK value meals come with a free cone. No mentioning of anything.

    Nice try, WolfmanWild...

  • No wonder every BK has that sign in the window that bans photograhy/vidcams. They must be afraid of getting caught on film doing shit like this.

  • Just so we're clear on can be 'bought' with a measly ice cream cone? Do you roll over and play dead for a cookie?

  • I'd like to be there when you try that, my little buddy.

  • Do you have photographic proof, or are you just talking out your backside?

  • "These kids are all over the board with their messaging, and extremely disorganized."

    So, you are an expert in the movement and their philosophy?

  • Modans55

    I just want to second what Paula Denmon posted. This is EXACTLY the type of conservative/corporate suppression that was rampant in the 1960's.  We were not allowed to hover in one place for too long, no matter the scarcity of other patrons. We were followed through stores because of the way we dressed or length of our hair.
    There is a Burger King just two blocks from my house. I will patronize other restaurants for now.

  • Except I think that we were a little more organized and committed to do what it takes to get it done. These kids are all over the board with their messaging, and extremely disorganized. 

  • Truth be told, I was kicked out of my local McDonald's the other day, for sitting there for longer than 30 minutes -- even though I had just had lunch, and was still nursing my soda, so I'm not convinced this was based on "who they were." I'm a 57-y.o. white female.

  • Reneemichele7

    Burger King is Franchised. It is the "Franchisee" that did this. Not Burger King Corp. in a whole. You shouldn't punish the Burger King name because of one ignorant Franchise owner. I would be sending this to corporate office in an attempt to punish the Franchisee, not the Brand itself.

  • You're stupid. BK is a private business and they can refuse service to whoever they want. I'll bet there's even a sign in there that says so. It's little punks like you guys that give solidarity movements and real protests a bad name. Go take a bath!

  • WolfManWild

    I just went to BK and bought a Whopper value meal and because I mentioned this little twurp they gave me a free ice cream cone! Yeah!

  • If any of you are registered voters you are criminals and deserve to be treated as such. I'm thinking about doing free private security for Burger King just to throw little punks like you out on your heads.

  • Randall

    Private business. They have the right to refuse service to who ever they wish. Just so you know I just got back from BK and they gave me a free ice cream cone because I mentioned you dorks. Double thanks!

  • Pitmusician

    I hate to burst your balloon, but my guess is, the employees of this palce don't have a clue who these kids are or what "movement" they subscribe to.  They're following the normal NY protocol for any whackamole that gets aggressive in a fast food joint.

    It's a big city, and it is NOT unusual--at all--for any restaurant, coffee shop, coffee bar, etc.  to deny use of bathrooms to non-customers. 

  • Marcownz747

    most of us (I say us because I've been there since day 1.) are against the ballot, as the only powers that actually get ON the ballot are those who support this corporate system.  Speaking up, however, can be done through MANY more ways than the ballot.  Our act of occupation is an active (rather than passive, like voting) means of political activity.  THAT is what most of us advocate.  Direct action.

  • That is about as NUTS as it gets! had they been a different ethnic group, they could file charges.
    Maybe she should have ordered TEA.   can't have coffee, Really/

  • That is just about as NUTS as it can get!  If they were a different ethnic group, they could file charges.  COFFEE.. I guess she should have ordered TEA.

  • Freefall_mc

    B K's not exactly my choice spot for a camp out.
    And "HATE" is such a strong word; we're not in drama club here, and overdramatization reduces the labor movements credibility, and distracts from the injustices we should be focusing on.
    I DO hope those kids exercise their right to vote, and continue to speak up.

  • So would you boycott Burger King, or buy their 89 cent coffee and sit there & occupy BK indefinitely? 😉 
    Food for thought, so to speak 😀
    Wish I knew her name, we could make signs saying I am ____________ (her name) and sit there holding it in their booth 😀

  • Linda1961

    One run by corporations, but don't worry - the SC says that corporations are people!

    Soon, we will see signs that say "Corporate stooges ONLY",  just like there used to be signs here in the South where I live that said "Whites ONLY".

  • Wtf! What fucking country are we living in?????

  • Wtf! What fucking country are we living in?????