Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's spokesman and two others granted immunity in corruption investigation


UPDATE: WisPolitics had more details here.

The FBI went to the home of a former top aide to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and then "Walker’s campaign hired a former Milwaukee U.S. attorney to represent his interests if the investigation comes closer to him.” This not-so- little corruption investigation just got more interesting.

Three people just got granted immunity, one of them being Walker's spokesperson.

One of my Wisconsin sources said that the spokesman receiving immunity isn't as "interesting" as Ken Lucht receiving immunity. He went on to say that Lucht was charged with making illegal donations to Walker's campaign earlier this year.

Via JSOnline:

Gov. Scott Walker's chief spokesman has been granted immunity in the ongoing John Doe investigation of the governor's current and former aides, it was learned Friday. [...]

Nettesheim said he also granted immunity to Ken Lucht and Rose Ann Dieck.

Lucht is the manager of community development with Wisconsin & Southern Railroad. ... Dieck, a longtime Republican operative, is listed as the chairwoman of the southwest surburban branch of the Milwaukee County Republican Party.

Stay tuned.