Remember the dreaded "Ground Zero Mosque"? It opened... without a whiff of "refudiation".



After all the hooplah, all the whoop-dee-doo, all the Islamaphobic slurs and right wing attacks, all the gigantic 24/7 controversy that was covered by all the "news" dee jays... yes, after all that, the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" (that isn't a mosque and isn't located at Ground Zero) opened without a peep from protesters or a whiff of controversy.

That's right, the Park 51 Islamic community center is open and no evil Muslim terrorists have descended up on New Yorkers.

Via Think Progress:

There was no sign of protest at the Park51 community center last night. It opened its doors to the public in lower Manhattan Wednesday, without the opposition that had surrounded the project for a year.

The center was crowded for most of the evening — with visitors who said they came to see the new photography exhibition and others who were interested in the place itself. Brooklyn’s Jean Stevens said she’s not surprised the event went off without a hitch. “It seems like there’s not much of huge response to this reception or to the mosque anymore, and so I wonder whether if people have forgotten it now that its not such a hot topic.”

The cultural and community center peacefully and quietly opened its doors and nothing happened. And that's exactly what should have occurred a year before it opened its doors.

Refudiate that, Palin.