President Obama holds solid lead in Pennsylvania, but will it matter?


In the video above, Rachel Maddow explains how the Pennsylvania GOP is looking to rig elections there by allowing districts to choose how to allocate a single electoral vote instead of having all of the votes go to the winner of the state.

So President Obama could win Pennsylvania, but he'd only receive one electoral vote. He could "trounce" the Republican nominee, but get only a single electoral vote. Instead, they could go to the Republican by simply changing the rules to benefit their candidate.

And Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) is all for it, despite opposition by several GOP congressmen, "who fear that its new set of rules will cause the Obama campaign to shift resources from bluer parts of the state into their districts."

With all that in mind, there is this from Taegan:

A new Magellan Strategies survey in Pennsylvania finds President Obama comfortably leading potential Republican challengers Mitt Romney by 50% to 40%, and Rick Perry by 52% to 37%.

That's great news, but will those numbers matter as much now, under the circumstances?