Rick Perry's Texas: Net jobs loss, unemployment highest in 24 years


The French Cuff CowPoke, Rick Perry, is running for president (oy), and a hunk of his big Texas pitch to America is his stellar jobs record. He sure loves to brag about that, Rick does.

Via First Read:

But the new figures from the Texas Workforce Commission included some disturbing trends: There was a net jobs loss of 1,300 in Texas during the month of August, even worse than than the latest national figures showing zero job growth.

While the private sector did add 8,100 jobs in Texas during August, this was more than offset by a shrinking public sector resulting in the loss of 9,400 government jobs, state figures show. 

Oopsie there, Tex. Well, at least key sectors in his state are still going strong.

[T]he figures also show some key sectors of the Texas economy losing strength during the month: Trade and transportation, mining, information, and leisure all experienced  job losses. Mark Lavergne, a spokesman for the commission, confirmed that the new unemployment rate of 8.5% -- up slightly from 8.4% the previous month -- is the highest unemployment rate for Texas since July, 1987When Perry took office in December 2000 after George W. Bush resigned, the unemployment rate in Texas was 4.2%

Just a reminder of what Rachel Maddow had to say about Ricky as "job creator". I've posted this before, but it gets better with age, like a fine wine:

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