VIDEO: Probe surrounding Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker apparently growing


Earlier I posted "FBI at home of former top aide to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker". This is sounding more and more like it might have legs:

In this Intelligence Report: The raid was on a former top aide to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in what appears to be an expanding corruption investigation.

Wednesday's raid is the latest carried out by federal authorities on several of Governor Scott Walker's top staffers, all state employees who recently resigned.  [...]

It appears that the federal investigation concerns Governor Walker's time as Milwaukee county executive. [...]

The grand-jury-like investigation appears to be targeting ex-employees of Governor Walker, with the focus being on their activities while working in Milwaukee County and suspicions they did political work on public time.

"Gov. Walker's campaign hired a former Milwaukee U.S. attorney to represent his interests if the investigation comes closer to him."

Why do I have a nagging (and hopeful) feeling it will?

UPDATE: More at WisPolitics.

H/t: @JamieHarbor

  • Tommy

    Another fall from grace of a Koch Bros crony.  Will he quit office first or have to be convicted?

  • The fact they're not talking to him & are going through so many underlings sounds like he's the main target.

    PS: Story was time-stamped 6:04. What the hell was the lead story?

  • My thoughts too, Jeff!

  • If he's got a lawyer already then in all likelihood he has something he's trying to keep out of the hands of the feds. If he's clean then there would be no reason for a lawyer.

  • Oh...please...PLEASE!