2008 Flashback: Ron Paul's campaign manager dies of pneumonia, uninsured, leaving family $400,000 debt


Big thanks to @cjohanns for catching this one: Back in 2008, Ron Paul's 49-year-old campaign manager died of pneumonia, leaving his family $400,000 worth of medical bills. By the way, this man also  persuaded Ron Paul to run for president:

Mr. Snyder, 49 years old, died of complications from pneumonia on June 26 -- exactly two weeks after Mr. Paul formally ended his presidential campaign. He is survived by his mother and two sisters. Friends of Mr. Snyder created a Web site on July 2 to help his family pay the estimated $400,000 in medical bills accrued because Mr. Snyder didn't have health insurance.

The site is hoping to tap into the same base of small donors that filled Mr. Paul's campaign coffers. "Kent was the man that made the campaign possible, and inspired everyone that he met," wrote Justine Lam, a former Paul campaign aide, on the memorial Web site.

Via a 2008 post at OpEdNews.com:

Sadly, the Libertarian heart apparently does not include health care. The poor guy raised tens of millions of dollars and couldn't afford the $300-$600 a month that COBRA medical insurance would have cost.

Once again, the so-called "pro-lifers" prove their blatant hypocrisy.

That said, we need more people in Congress like Alan Grayson, who gives great email (this one is the source for the photo above) and great voice to the anger a lot of us are feeling. Here's an excerpt:

Last night, the Tea Party showed its true colors, and Alan Grayson called them on it. At the Republican Debate, Tea Party members shouted out that a man in a coma with no health insurance should die [Laffy Note: Our post of the video here]. Grayson called it “sadism.”

Alan Grayson is saying what we’re all thinking, but no one else has the courage to say. Support his campaign now.

Here is how the Huffington Post reported it, drawing almost 10,000 comments already:

The jubilant shouts of members of the GOP audience encouraging the death of a hypothetical uninsured man [at the “Tea Party Debate” last night] bring to mind the 2009 House floor speech delivered by former Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, in which he famously charged: "The Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick." Members of the crowd at the Tampa debate agree with Grayson.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer, the event's moderator, posed the hypothetical question to Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas): What do you tell a guy who is sick, goes into a coma and doesn't have health insurance? Who pays for his coverage? "Are you saying society should just let him die?" Wolf Blitzer asked.

"Yeah!" several members of the crowd yelled out.

Alan Grayson warned us about this two years ago; now it’s out there for everyone to see. Help put Alan Grayson back in Congress.