Tea Party Nation trying to incite violence in Wisconsin. Judson Phillips likens protesters to Nazi storm troopers.


Tea Party participant carrying gun, via We Are WI, Hudson, WI August 5, 2011

I'm exchanging emails with a few Wisconsin pals, and will quote from them after this, via Politico:

THIENSVILLE, Wis. -- The founder of Tea Party Nation claimed liberal ideology is responsible for "a billion" deaths over the last century during a raucous rally here Saturday in support of one of the six Republican state senators facing a recall election Tuesday. [...]

[Tea Party Nation CEO Judson] Phillips, who a day prior likened protesters of Gov. Scott Walker to Nazi storm troopers, urged a few hundred tea party supporters to turn out for State Sen. Alberta Darling, who is in a ferocious battle with Rep. Sandy Pasch to hold onto her suburban Milwaukee seat. [...]

Vince Schmuki, a leader of the Ozaukee Patriot tea party group compared the recall effort to a terrorist attack.

"This is ground zero," said Schmuki.  "You remember what the term ground zero means?  We have been attacked.... Tuesday is going to be the beginning of our takeover.  And we're going to follow it up the following week and then we're going to polish off the enemy in November 2012.  Who's with me?"

Aren't Judson Phillips and his trusty band of tea baggers swell? Phillips is the same guy who tried to politicize the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabby Giffords. USA! USA!

So. The next time some self-righteous conservative wingnut tries to deny their own and/or their cohorts' direct calls to violence, please refer them to this post, specifically the lovely "Polish off the enemy" quote.

And how about that "Nazi storm troopers" zinger? Really? Healthy and peaceful dissent and protest are tantamount to a holocaust? Democracy in action is equivalent to a dictator's mass persecution and murder of millions? Gee, that's not an extreme or deranged assertion at all. Anyone on the Tee Vee Machine picking up on that?

I didn't think so.

Now for reaction from Wisconsin Dems:

This isn't even dog-whistle material. It is violence-inciting language by out-of-state agitators, and it should be exposed as such and denounced by Republican recall candidates.

If the grassroots uprising that sparked these recalls is what Tea Party leaders are literally comparing to the 9/11 attacks on New York, what might you think is the appropriate response? This is not acceptable political discourse, anywhere. It is a deliberate attempt to incite violence. It is especially despicable here in Wisconsin, where the movement and uprising against Scott Walker and legislators in Madison has been completely peaceful, largely civil, and has had no recorded incidents of violence on our side of this battle

[E]very Republican candidate national they're touring the state to support should be on the record as either denouncing or embracing these Tea Party leaders and their rhetoric

Please share this post with as many people as you can, since the so-called "news" media aren't touching it because of their, you know, liberal bias.

  • RetREMF

    to occupy   -    to take or hold possession or control of  [without permission or authority?]

    Merriam Webster dictionary

  • RetREMF

    Sounds more like propanda or wishful thinking than reality.  One's inferences or interpretation of intent is not in the real world a comparison of actual behavior.  Google "violence and occupy" to see REAL acts of violence not inferences or interpretations.  

  • Tomasjcook

    Oh please ! Don't even try to compare it to what YOU left wing nut jobs have been pushing against the majority of the American population since you've held BOTH houses of congress ! And ALL of America has been paying attention to it since ! And that doesn't top the blame game that's been nothing but your defenses tool lately ! Accountability and responsibility work BOTH WAYS ! I really love to hear your arguments against most of us that want a sane, accountable and fiscally responsible  Government instead of a roost full of Do-Do birds REFUSING to listen to them ! And using left leaning puppet master news outlets to subvert, oppress and defame fellow Americans because your afraid of them ! Take a lesson form history ! Wise up ! And never forget that what you perceive to be a tiny island with mountains on it may be the top of Volcano that's ready to blow !

  • the people of Wisconsin have to understand what is happening to their state.  They have to denounce the tea party and denounce their rhetoric.  Scott Walker and his little band of clowns are taking rights away from people.  Rights that will essentially affect every working person in Wisconsin.  You might be against unions, but if you get rid of the unions that will affect your benefits, your wages and your right to work

  • Anonymous

    How about the "media" isn't touching it because Kerry came out and told them not to on Sunday when he was on NBC.  His message was to not give tparty air time at all, nice suppression of peoples rights to be heard.  Or it's not true and Politico is making stuff up again for Obama, they've done it before.   If you don't want to be called names, why don't you do the same, terrorists, come on.  Your guy is bankrupting your programs and our country.  Walker saved teachers jobs and their pensions, what are you protesting about? Not since 1917 your guy just lowered our credit rating, it's a carnival all right.

  • And to think WE, the USA, go into other countries to help THEM have "free elections." No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.....and downgrades our credit-worthiness, deserved or not. These RWNJs are RUINING this country, and DARE us to do anything about it.

  • MarBarton

    Just hope that the good folk of Wi remember the Republicans cheat and are protecting the voting and vote count.

  • The "Tea Party" as a viable political party does NOT exist. These are Republicans. Much like the Wizard of Oz, do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain....

  • Well I'm sure it made all 3 of the people who attended even more rabid than they already were.  If you need a gun a political reality, one's nethermosts must be indeed concave.

  • Sally

    Will the media pay attention only when someone else is shot? And then, of course, blame the left, Muslims, blacks, and anyone at all not white and on 'their side?' I detest Sarah Palin for giving voice to this hateful movement, and giving any credence to the horrible people the Tea Party has hatched.

  • I like Vince Schmuki.  He was a good sport for letting me hold a dinner for him. ;D

  • Too bad the media isn't paying attention.