The bikini graph returns


Thank you Rachel Maddow, for the return of the Bikini Graph that no longer resembles a bikini).

It shows monthly job losses/gains in the private sector since the start of the Great Recession. The red bars depict job totals during the Bush administration, the blue under the Obama administration.

First, as of March 2011:

And from her show last night, a screen grab:

  • Yes, things didn't look so bad as the economy was crashing, ¬†Bush just ran up the debt beyond any numbers that we would even comprehend if we looked, keeping up the pretext that his tax cuts for the rich and his wars and his pharmaceutical scam weren't a problem for the middle class.

  • Lisalylees

    Go Obama! It's kind of funny, but what people think is almost more affecting everything than what is actually happening. Example: It was during the many very down red lines that the economy felt like it was booming.