Today's WTF Moment: Please explain this Obama nominee to me


I'm rushing off, but I'd love to get your comments on this one. Via Think Progress:

President Obama nominated a very odd candidate to be the next U.S. Attorney in Utah, the chief legal advisor to the Senate’s most radical tenther, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). [...]

  • Will Barlow Vigorously Protect Seniors’ Right To Social Security? 
  • Will Barlow Vigorously Protect Seniors’ Right To Medicare? 
  • Will Barlow Enforce Child Labor Laws? 
  • Will Barlow Enforce Food Safety Laws? 
  • Does Barlow Believe That The Constitution Requires The Poor To Starve?
  • Does Barlow Believe That Federal Disaster Relief Is Unconstitutional? 

Please read the entire post at TP. Then come back and give us your feedback.

What is President Obama thinking? Why would he nominate someone like this? Anyone?