VIDEO- Pat Buchanan to Rev. Al Sharpton: "Don't throw me into that briar patch... Your boy, Barack Obama, caved in..."


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Pat Buchanan should be kicked off the air permanently. They suspend Keith Olbermann for making a lousy campaign contribution, but they have no problem giving a pass to offensive remarks like these:

"Reverend Al, please don't throw me into that briar patch."

"Your boy, Barack Obama, caved in... "

"He's your boy in the ring!"

Not once, but twice, Buchanan referred to President Obama as "boy", and then laughed because, hey, that's the way Republicans roll. He must be taking pointers from Rep. Doug Lamborn, who went for the tried and true "tar baby" reference.

There it is, folks, your GOP "big tent" party.  At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if the tent were made out of a white sheet.

ADDED- Next morning Pat tries to "clarify" this on Morning Joe.