Capitol Police turn over Wisconsin Supreme Court "choking" investigation to sheriff


For the back story about the insanity in Wisconsin, specifically and most recently Supreme Court Justice David Prosser allegedly putting his hands around the neck of fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, go here. In that post, there is even back story of the back story.

And what a story it is! WisPolitics has the latest:

Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs announced today his agency has turned over to the Dane County Sheriff an investigation into allegations of a physical altercation between Supreme Court Justices Ann Walsh Bradley and David Prosser.

Tubbs said in the statement he decided to turn the case over after consulting with members of the court about the June 13 incident.

Prosser is a Walker crony who should be booted immediately. Actually, he should have been a long time ago.

  • Whipster

    Why prejudge the case?  In one set of anonymous comments, Prosser was the assailant; in the other, Bradley was.  Hold your horses.  The rule of law?  Hello!

  • Anonymous

    Well, just going on the picture of Prosser shown certainly doesn't seem a stretch that he has a bit of an anger management problem.
    Not the sort of person who should be in any position of power or responsibility.
    Having read the background info on him & this new allegation...there certainly seems to be lots of smoke.
    Let the investigations begin...and for once, let's hope there will be justice served.

  • There is never an excuse for violence, especially in the work place. Agree to disagree, walk away & cool off. Do what you must, but this is unexceptable. If evidence supports this allegation, then Supreme Court Justice David Prosser should be prosecuted to the fullest. Attempted strangulation is a serious offense & should not be allowed to be 'Swept under the rug' by the rich & powerful.