Moment of Happy: New York wedding plans galore since marriage equality was legalized


As you well know by now, last night the New York marriage equality bill was passed by a vote of 33-29. That alone is a Moment of Happy, but it gets even better, and not just for blissfully happy couples who can now wed.

It's already been pointed out that the economy will also be affected in a good way, which seems pretty obvious. Think of the exploding number of wedding cakes, flower arrangements, dinners, brunches, rings, suits, gowns, entertainers, caterers, hair stylists, alcoholic beverage sales, bartenders, hotels, rice, toasters, blenders, flatware, place settings, and Kleenex boxes. And that's just off the top of my noggin:

Even as supporters of gay marriage celebrated victory in New York on Saturday, preparations were being made to make gay weddings a reality in the state.

Couples who had talked about going out-of-state to wed changed their plans. Reception venues got their first calls. Churches that accept gay unions said they were looking forward to hosting ceremonies. [...]

The law passed amid opposition from the largest and most influential religious groups in the state, but in New York City, at least, there were still an ample number of churches that have already said they would happily officiate a gay marriage ceremony.

If those aren't Moments of Happy, then nothin' is.