Grover Norquist's GOP Debate "Postponed"


Mitt and Jon were going to skip it? How the mighty have fallen. Guess Lawrence is going to have to find another "Most Powerful Person in the GOP' 'cause it sure isn't Norquist any more.

WASHINGTON, June 25 (UPI) -- A debate scheduled next month in Las Vegas among Republicans vying for a presidential nomination has been postponed, organizers said.

Grover Norquist of the Americans for Tax Reform group told The Washington Post there was too much uncertainty about attendance, with some candidates already opted-out.

In particular, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has yet to formally announce his intention to run, despite a rousing endorsement at last weekend's Republican Leadership Conference.

The debate was to be co-hosted by the tax reform group and the conservative Web site The Daily Caller.

An alternate date wasn't released.

  • Rdplum

    How has Grover Norquest gotten so powerful?  I watched him on Colbert's show yesterday/Mon./6-27-11 and Grover was talking about his Tax Pledge and how many Republicans had signed his "No tax" pledge.   Is this whom Obama is fighting?  Grover Norquest?   Really?  He and Ayn Rand? 

    If this is whom Obama is fighting against, I would think fighting back against these philosophies would be easy.  What am I missing?  I never see "Grover Norquest"  mentioned in the press nor Ayn Rand's philosphies as the driving force of Republican policies.