VIDEO- Jon Stewart to Fox's Chris Wallace: "You're insane."


UPDATE: Media Matters has the side-by-side videos: Fox News Sunday Edits Out Jon Stewart's Criticism Of Fox Exec

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Let's not forget: The Daily Show's ratings exceed Fox's.

-- "You're insane."

-- "The think that you will never understand... is that Hollywood, yeah, they're liberal, but that is not their primary motivating force. I'm not an activist. I am a comedian.... Being a comedian is harder than what you do... I put material through a comedic process..."

-- "Are you suggesting that you and I are the same?... You can't understand, because of the world that you live in, that there is not a designed ideological agenda on my part to affect partisan change, because that's the soup you swim in. And I appreciate that, and I understand it. It reminds me of in ideological regimes, they can't understand that there is free media other places, because they receive marching orders."

-- ...the most consistently misinformed. Fox. Fox viewers. Consistently. Every poll... "

Oh, and Jon Stewart voted for George H.W. Bush for president.

  • I don't know how Jon Stewart kept it together during this interview. Chris Wallace seemed relentlessly obtuse. Overly controlling, shutting Stewart down and stepping on what he was saying just when Stewart was getting interesting, and then saying at the end, "I accept your apology." What?

  • Schandler

    I think John Stewart handled this interview very well and was completely consistent with any of his views that I have seen in print or in video.  Watching Fox News instills fear and chaos into my life and watching John Stewart helps me unhook from those feelings and laugh at some of the sensational news stories associated with politics and politicians.  Keep going John Stewart!!!

  • i dont know why chris wallace had to be such an ass to jon stewart! im a conservative but chris didnt need to be such a dick to him! bill o'reilly at least welcomes people to the show politely!

  • I replaced it. They must have pulled it. THANK YOU.

  • four legsgood

    Where did the video go?

  • "you're filibustering?" wtf? isn't an interviewee supposed to answer the dang question?

  • Everybody is entitled to make a mistake.  I voted for Ross Perot in '92.