Dawn Johnsen: My Nomination Was Blocked To Score "Political" Points Against Obama On Terrorism


I've written post after post about the infuriating GOP obstruction of nominee Dawn "The Woman Who Could Nail Bush" Johnsen to head the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. She finally withdrew, but said she would have welcomed a recess appointment.

As for the Party of No and their incessant blocking:

She decried the “silence and inaction forced upon nominees” who are not allowed to comment, and said the net effect is to muzzle people who by virtue of their nominations alone are leaders in their given areas.

“I think it’s an underappreciated cost of this system breakdown. All those judicial nominees out there for months and months. They cannot do their work and speak out on issues. This is a group of people who ordinarily are very politically active and key players in making policy and setting direction, and this is a way for elected officials who are known to be obstructionists to stop these people for long periods of time to be able to participate.”

Now Think Progress has this:

In a must-read article about the broken confirmations process in the Senate, Dave Weigel quotes former Office of Legal Counsel nominee Dawn Johnsen explaining that conservative objections to her failed nomination had nothing to do with actual disagreements with her views:

“I’m not going to talk about any individual meetings with senators,” [Johnsen] says, “but the impression that I got was it wasn’t about me, that it wasn’t personal. It was political. And there were some senators who were very open about that. It wasn’t a difference in substantive views. The things I was attacked for saying about torture, for example—Lindsey Graham and John McCain have talked about that the same way.” (Neither publicly supported her nomination.) “You definitely need to look at how all the terrorism issues and nominees who dealt with terrorism issues were treated. The attempt was to describe President Obama’s approach as not sufficiently tough on terrorism, and make that a political issue.


Indeed, this silent obstructionism caused Obama to have a lower percentage of his judicial nominees confirmed during his first two years in office than any other president in American history.

The Republican party keeps topping themselves in their effort to destroy democracy as we know it, whether it's about the confirmation process, union busting, financial martial law, running spoiler candidates, or voter suppression.

If President Obama says up, they say down. If he says the sky is blue, they say it's green. "America first", right GOP?