Sarah Palin's chief of staff to Michele Bachmann's adviser: Ed Rollins sticks "foot in his mouth", "woodshed moment" coming


Via Watchingelection2012

Ed Rollins had da noive to say that fake candidate Former Half-Gov Tauntella McWatchMe is "not serious," and that Michele Bachmann will "be so much more substantive" than Palin, and that he is "not afraid" of Palin.

Ruh-roh! Them's fightin' words. Nobody goes after Palin without hearing a mouthful of retaliatory word salad.

This is war!

Via CNN, Michael Glassner, the chief of staff for the Half-Gov's political action committee:

"Beltway political strategist Ed Rollins has a long, long track record of taking high profile jobs and promptly sticking his foot in his mouth," Glassner in the statement, provided to Politico and obtained by CNN.

"To no one's surprise he has done it again, while also fueling a contrived narrative about the presidential race by the mainstream media," Glassner said. "One would expect that his woodshed moment is coming and that a retraction will be issued soon."

Bachmann v. Palin, Round One. So who's supplying the popcorn?

  • Anonymous

    The more pictures I see of Palin, the more it looks like she has met up with a plastic surgeon and botox.  There is not a line in her face and she's NOT that young.  Perhaps she and her daughter shared the moment.  The unmarried mother has lots of years ahead of her to continue her face and body sculpting, between her 'acting' and inspirational speeches a quick trip for a nip and a tuck will fill up the day.  Nanny takes care of the kid.