VIDEO: Jon Stewart's Trump/Palin/pizza rant

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Me Lover's Pizza With Crazy Broad
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He's so damn good.


    ANTI AMERICAN?!? Listen you piece of S***... as AMERICANS we are supposed to question what's going on ... and if you ever watchedt he show you'd see that Stewart gives a hard time to all political parites, parties, and politicians... BUT YOU THINK YOU CAN GET ON THE INTERNET AND JUST CALL SOMEONE ANTI-AMERICAN!!! JOHN STEWART.. like myself... LIVES IN NEW YORK... Lived through 9/11 and LOVES EVERYTHING THIS COUNTRY STANDS FOR and defends his "right" to take anyone to task who thinks they know what it is to be an American but... LIKE YOURSELF.. has NO F***iNG clue!

  • We love you more.

  • KansasDem

    Great retort as usual. I just love you and Paddy.

  • Okay, do you write for the show? Come on, do you?

  • KansasDem

    Arrgh! Just how the hell is Jon anti-American?

    Too Jewish for you?

    How do you feel about Lewis Black?

  • JSTL098212

    To bad Jon Stewart is a Anti American and will do anything he can for obama another Anti American...

  • Jrjohncardwell

    Gut buster!

  • KansasDem

    That had me going good, hell I was laughing so hard I scared the dogs.

    I wish I could still afford cable, time to check out HULU.

    An d now I wish I could afford pizza.

  • ::Applause::