PhotOh! A helmeted Sarah Palin at the Rolling Thunder event... wrote on her hand again


Here is the LINK to the original photo.

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, is surrounded by photographers as she greets people before taking part in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride to honour U.S. veterans in Washington May 29, 2011.      REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Ruh-roh! Looks like Former Half-Gov Handy McBendyStraw has something written on her left hand.

H/t: @Symbolman @Dusty_17

ADDED: @KatieAnnieOakly just helped us out a little:

Here's my own edit:

  • She has always supported Veteran's causes and she has had family members in the military.  

  • If I were single and she were single I could find a permanent spot for here on the passenger seat of my bikes.  

  • AZalan

    It is just a little reminder note telling her to keep the helmet on -- lest she shock the crowds with her helmet hair.

  • cap

    this woman is an idiot

  • Thrstr

    It's the hypocricy of the left that is the most maddening, Obama can't speak to kindergarteners without a teleprompter, and she is an idiot? Why did you vote for him again?, something about ending wars? He's easily the worst since Carter, history will bear that out.

  • Anon

    Yep, you all fell for it again. This is an anxious attempt to be featured in all the news outlets for another few days, where the talking heads participate in "investigative journalism".

  • Her next stop is a Viking Funeral #theresAHatForThat

  • You think maybe it's a tattoo?

  • It's true, the emcee of the rally invited her without talking to the organizers.  The organizers said Bailin' Palin wasn't invited.  She horned in on the purpose of the rally.

  • We have enough wackos here in AZ.  I live in Scottsdale and she's not welcomed.

  • Probably she just didn't wash her hands since the last time she put crib notes on her hand.  Buffoon.

  • Talk to the hand, Sarah!

  • Kimmcamp

    According to them they did NOT invite her to the event. 

  • It was so transparent. She was there for a photo-op, probably hoping to be asked to speak. Brand-new leathers & helmet, fresh outta the box. Possibly her first time ever on a bike.  Such a poser.

  • Anonymous

    She might damage the pavement with that helmet... 

  • Anonymous

    Like it or not, she was invited by the MC of the event.

  • "The Hillbilly Teleprompter."

    I wonder, though -- why Sarah Palin would even bother wearing a helmet?  There's nothing inside to protect, and as hardheaded as she is, wearing protection is redundant . . .

  • It reads, first left foot then right foot.

    The dumb insufferable bitch. She is dressed up like she wishes she was 20 years younger

  • this is going to be an outstanding election season ...

    fresh news from the Neopaleocons ... every week !

  • Kevin Hamel

    Sorry for the grumpiness. Sinus headache, SF Giants can't buy a hit, Paris Hilton ad seems on continual loop, AND Mrs. Palin...

    It is the fun and snark that I come for, so keep it up!

  • all i can make out is the last line, looks like something and then "golly." which sorta sums it up, you betcha.

  • that's the same stuff she had written on her hand from last time. she used permanent marker.

  • Kevin, the reason we post anything at TPC is that it is newsworthy, worthy
    of fun and notice, OR worthy of snark.

    The way Palin lost in 2008 was the constant discrediting of her, the
    chipping away, pointing out her many faults, lies, pretenses. To ignore her
    in that way would be doing a disservice. Our job is to make sure everyone
    knows the real Palin.

    If you don't like those posts, please feel free to skip over them.

  • KansasDem

    Don't worry. In conservative-land she's just eye candy.

    I personally respect (and drool over) Danica Patrick but what does the press have to say about a woman that actually accomplishes something:

    Eff all conservatives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Make no mistake about it folks Palin was not welcome at this event no matter how much media surrounded her They could not disguise the irritation the people felt about her mere unwanted presents at an event that was supposed to be about POW's & MIA's
    Let us all hope that Sara Palin will go somewhere and sit he unwanted ass down!!

  • Kevin Hamel

    Dear Paddy and Laffy, I love The Political Carnival, but we all know that the Quitter is not running for president, just scratching for media attention again. Will you please, please, PLEASE stop covering her? Please? Thank you!

  • Sally

    Why is her arm so tan down to the wrist bone, and then pale after? And she DOES have something written there...maybe where they left the RV/tour bus abomination?

  • Anonymous

    I blew it up and think I can read "only" and "against".   What an idiot.

  • HarborGuy

    ...what a maroon.

  • HarborGuy

    ...what a maroon.

  • KansasDem

    Assuming that's not photo-shopped (which I doubt) I'm asking myself WTF is she wearing something that in no way represents who she is or where she's been?

    My father died far too young, partly due to injuries he suffered serving in the Army Air Corps during WWII, and I do find it repulsive and disrespectful when civilians use faux military gear as a "prop"!

    Eff her and the Arizona she lives in!

    Goldwater lost. Get over it .......................... or try to kill Medicare ;^)

  • Sarah Palin visited a Palm reader recently.
    Palm Reader: "You will give a speech in front of a large audience.   You will talk about Veterans who gave up their lives for life, liberty and the pursuit of Hap"
    Sarah P: "Hap?"
    Palm Reader: "You ran out of room"

  • Wow, she  has "man" hands...