Judge confines James O'Keefe to New Jersey


James O'Keefe, you're grounded! I wonder what the fraudulent little parolee did this time? ACORN's gone, but not forgotten; he's had his sick idea of fun with NPR; he's already stuck his greedy, grimy little hand out for donations; avoided the very same cameras he feels free to turn on others; squirmed out of more serious charges thanks to connections; and did his level best to punk a CNN correspondent. What's left?

Via The Smoking Gun:

Since O’Keefe is on probation for tampering with the phones in Senator Mary Landrieu’s New Orleans district office, he has to get judicial approval to travel outside New Jersey, where he resides with his family. In a ruling yesterday, Magistrate Judge Daniel E. Knowles, III denied O’Keefe’s motion to make seven trips outside the Garden State between May 20 and July 5.

Knowles’s order does not detail his reasons for vetoing the 26-year-old O’Keefe’s motion.

Fake Jimmy Olsen, you've been a ba-a-ad boy. No TV, no iPhone, no iPad, no dessert, and no trips for you!

Damned activist judges.