Wisconsin GOP election fraud exposed


Wisconsin Republicans keep exponentially increasing their slime factor. I didn't think that was even possible after tracking the political vulgarity oozing from Governor Scott Walker and his gang of GOP legislators, I was wrong.

In a previous post, I noted that the name of a lawmaker's dead father was forged on a recall petition to oust a Democrat. I also wrote about Supreme Court recount ballots chain of custody being compromised. But it appears that was just a drop in the bucket of Republican sleaze.

Via the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

MADISON – A formal challenge to be filed later today against Republican recall petitions asks the Government Accountability Board to disqualify thousands of invalid signatures, and reject recall elections against three Democratic state senators, because widespread and systemic election fraud has tainted the entire GOP operation. [...]

[Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller] Miller ... "The vast depth of this misconduct calls into question the legitimacy of every signature collected by these circulators, and shows that the GOP effort failed to gather the valid signatures needed for recall elections."

The formal challenge, to be filed on behalf of the Democratic senators this afternoon, shows that the number of invalid signatures gathered through systemic election fraud would reduce the total collected against each of the three Democratic state senators well below the threshold required to trigger a recall election.   [...]

The challenge of GOP recall petitions features scores of claims from Wisconsin citizens who were victimized by the wholesale election fraud of the disreputable out-of-state firm hired by Wisconsin Republicans to collect signatures. ... Kennedy owns a tarnished reputation based on past offenses in Colorado.

Much more here.

H/t: @TksABunchJohn

  • Thank YOU!! And please DM me and I'll post your story!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for shining a light on this, Laffy! I can't describe to you how it feels to be on this roller coaster in Wisconsin. It's never ending, they don't even seem to care that their sleaze tactics are exposed on a daily basis. I have talked to the Government Accountability Board, and trust me, they are in the tank for the Republicans, they condescend, placate and deny. We have no protection here, and if we don't get Federal intervention soon, our democracy seems doomed.

    Tomorrow I go for training as a volunteer observer on the Kloppenburg recount, and hopefully next week I will get to observe the Waukesha recount (where the notorious Kathy Nickolaus "appeared" 14,000 votes), which has been extended. Wish me luck, and I'll let you know if anything comes up!

  • This isn't voter fraud, it's election fraud. Voter fraud is virtually
    non-existent in the U.S., which is why the assault on and defunding of ACORN
    was so infuriating.

  • Well, as much as FOX likes to harp on alleged voter fraud by Democrats, I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this soon on the "fair and balanced" network.

    {after the 10,000th rehash of voter intimidation by the Black Panthers or a report of voter fraud by ACORN, that is}

  • What a bunch of slime buckets.

  • Too stupid not to get caught...

  • Remember the two bazillion teabaggers on the National Mall?

    This is what they DO