VIDEO- Wisconsin tea party event: 500 of them, 5000 of us!


These sum it up nicely:

Jeremy Ryan from Defending Wisconsin PAC reports from the Tea Party Rally at the Capitol with special (in a sense of abnormally low intelligence) guest Sarah Palin... First we show how the tea party folk act they cannot cite any intelligence whatsoever just resort to name calling... Then we show you when Palin is speaking and you cannot even hear her filth... They also said Prosser won which is 100% lie as it has not been concluded yet... Then you see me come face to face with the Anti-American Vicki McKenna... SHARE!! And as always visit ...

My livetweet coverage of the excruciating event here, including Sarah Palin’s babbling (and failed) attempts at coherent speech and Andrew Breitbart’s crass outburst ("Go to hell!").

Another "our side outnumbered them" post here. And yesterday's video of Palin trying to screech over boos here. Plus this one:

And finally, here is one more video of the crowd v. the speeches (h/t: Bruce):