VIDEO ADDED: Andrew Breitbart at Wisconsin tea party rally to Dems: "Go to hell!"


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VIDEO ADDED: "Go to hell" moment at about 3:40. (H/t: Glassridges)

I just endured several minutes of watching a live video stream of a tea party rally in Wisconsin where some of the featured speakers were John Fund, Andrew Breitbart, and Sarah "Screech" Palin. They were playing Springsteen's "Born in the USA" which not only showed their misunderstanding of the song's intent, but also of basic copyright laws.

The rally's intent was painfully clear, though. The speeches were unbearably hostile and filled with lies and violent references.

Here are some of my livetweets. I quoted the speakers, then added commentary:

"The number to text if you're HERE, & your hands are not numb..." TeaBagger at rally||Those who AREN'T here, text too! UP our numbers!

"'Evil' corporations offer jobs": TeaBagger at rally. Yup! Overseas.

"Government isn't here to provide for us, we will provide for ourselves!" --TeaBagger. How's your mom's Medicare workin' out for her?

"We shouldn't be forced at barrel of a gun to do who won't do for themselves." --TeaBagger at rally, claims to be L.A. Jew. #MeToo #IAmNOTYou

"Our next guest I met in the Fox & Friends green room." --TeaBagger at rally. 'Nuff said.

John Fund is up touting Fox . #detest

John Fund is talking "kind and civil discourse" being replaced by "Chicago style" methods.

John Fund is done. He spoke for about a minute. #moneysworth

"I'm surprised at the resilience of the opposition": TeaBagger at rally. He ain't seen nothin' yet.

Teabagger speaker praising Fox for getting their story out nationwide.

Teabagger in camouflage jacket using lots of violent terminology against "union thugs", Dems.

"I'll take Palin over Michael Moore any day... She's a lot easier on the eyes": TeaBagger at rally.

"God is not done with America": TeaBagger at rally.”

"We're surrounded by the opposition.. & we hear them." Teabagger at rally. Then he accused them of "bullying".

"I need some fairly quietness": Teabagger speaker just now. Yep, that's TeaBag English alright...

"We are not a state where one side tries to shut down the other's voice!" Tbagger just now. OH REALLY? #WIunion

"We are still here and we are going nowhere!" Teabagger at rally. FINALLY, THE TRUTH! #GoingNowhere

Andrew Bretibart showed up, unfortunately. He insisted that we hate Palin because she's effective at calling out President Obama. He went on to tout "the death of community organizing."

His most memorable quote, however, consisted of telling Democrats the following:

"Go to hell!"

He repeated that at least three times.

This is all they've got.

And finally, the piece de resistance, SarahPalin, who was dressed for the falling snow and freezing temperatures wearing a low cut shirt, a semi-open satin-looking trench coat, and an extra poofy Bumpit. My livetweets (again, first the quote, then my comment):

"This tea party is REAL solidarity." And by solidarity I mean lunacy.

"I'm a former union member, wife of union member." |#LoonUnion

"We'll WIN because America will win. Obama redistributes deck chairs on the Titanic." Then she said something about women's hockey teams. Honest.

"Pay tribute to Obama because he's the inspiration for today's rally. He created the tea party by existing." I created him by losing.

"We're here, we're clear, get used to it. Obama lied." Then something about a duck blind and a ballot box.

Trashing Obama.. blahblahblah... He "bows to enemies, snubs Israel... He manipulates US oil supply..."

"Violent Rent a Mobs trashed your capitol."

"They're using YOUR money. Cockamamie! Trains! All aboard bullet train to bankruptcy!"  I'm YELLING REAL LOUD!

"Mr. Obama, you can't ignore us in 2012. You threw hatred, violence at people in Madison." |#projectmuch?

She is talking about the budget deal. She's trying her best to sound like she knows something. "God has shed his grace on thee, America. We will FIGHT for America, starting here in Madison. Game on."

I think you can pick up on the flavor of this little do.

It was also tweeted that the anti-Walker union/Progressive protesters outnumbered the teabaggers.

But the best part came in a tweet from @MikeElk, with a link to this photo:

RT @DefendWisconsin: Very difficult to hear Palin.. union chants "Scott Walker has got to go".

More excellent news about the rally, including some video, here and here.

  • There's far fewer progressives in the country than there are conservatives.

  • Try actually watching some of the video footage and you'll see the far left is way more hateful in their protests. Of course the union protesters are going to outnumber the Tea Party in Madison. I mean for crying out loud Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin and is the state capitol so what do you expect? Most union workers are decent hard working people but they're being played for fools by their union bosses and deep pocketed liberals such as Soros.

  • And that they think blastocysts and embryos are "babies".

    And that they don't understand that the law already states that no gov't.
    money can go toward abortions.

    And that they rely on the same single quote while we have so many to choose

    And that they don't care about the child once it's born, or the teen, or the
    adult, that's already alive.

    Yep, it's frightening, Barkway. And sad.

  • Guest

    Obama: 'If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun...

  • Guest

    Obama: 'If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun...

  • Salty

    FAKE? OH MY!
    ....and I might add:
    the Key word is:
    * Taxpayer money*
    should not go to Planned Parenthood
    in the way of killing babies aka "debacle" as you so describe feel the need to
    take the babies life?
    then pay for it yourself.
    and that's what it is all about,
    don't ask
    taxpayers to do it for you.

  • Anonymous

    That's why I said every once in awhile ... STAND UP PROGRESSIVES EVERYWHERE =)

  • Anonymous

    Great examples of "American exceptionalism", which these far-right nutcases detest.

  • Anonymous

    Never happen, the teabaggers are physical cowards who never stand up against people who can fight back.

  • Anonymous

    And he's getting, rightly, sued by Shirley Sherrod, for his deceptively edited video about her.

    Best part is that Breitbart was served with the legal papers at the CPAC conference.


  • Sgilbert1962

    Andrew Breitbart: "'ve been so rude..." Wonder what he would call a poster of Obama dressed up like Hitler. Civil discourse?

  • professor of happiness

    hey Dems, Breitbart told us to go to Hell-but since Breitbart is here, aren't we already there?

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, so I guess it's only "class warfare" when the people doing the work fight back. Anyway, funny how it was very American when FDR and widespread unionization ushered in the era of America as the world's preeminent global economic superpower.

  • This manipulator of edited video is lecturing about "dividing America?" What is he ON?

  • Sally

    He's the guy who arranged the fake video that brought down ACORN, and the recent debacle at Planned Parenthood. He is a slimy character, to say the least.

  • You're welcome. It's important stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for keeping a record of this nonsense ... every once in awhile I fear that what Paul Revere did is going to be eclipsed by this ...

  • Hugs!

  • Who is Andrew Breitbart? Are we supposed to know him?

  • It is nice to see Tea Party getting booed and told to go home.
    Palin does have some brass balls to go to Wisconsin, but she'll go to hell if the money is good enough.

  • Oh, what would I do without Laffy, making something so bad and making it humorous so that I come out feeling like I'm on the right path. Yes, people are angry, but let's face it, are Conservative/teabaggers really concerned about our Country. No they are selfish and ignorant people who only know hate. That's why Breitbart and Palin fit right in. When McCain took that woman out of Alaska, I said what a mistake. Unfortunately, she's never going back. Even my prayers don't help.

  • “Mr. Obama, you can’t ignore us in 2012. You threw hatred, violence at people in Madison.”

    This infuriates me...the boot of real tyranny is squashing Wisconsin, the people of WI fight courageously back. President has no part in this. It is truly this states very own show. It is a nightmare, the lies that she is allowed to shout.

  • Translation faithfully provided by Laffy, who listens to the screeching so we don't have to. Thanks Laffy ;D

    I entered her speech into my handy Cray Computer/Lazyboy circle, and after 24 hours and several partial meltdowns it printed out the results on fortune cookie-paper: Sarah Palin pisses in stream of consciousness, with some lottery numbers on the other side.

  • Anonymous

    Frightening to think we share this country with such ignorant and hateful people. It's clear they are more interested in tearing down a black President they fear than doing what's best for ALL Americans.

  • "Teabag Nature" if a fact conflicts with his opinion; the truth becomes a lie. Fact: Breitbart/Palin lie. #TCOT #p2 #WIUnion