"Ten Commandments Judge" Roy Moore to run for president


Remember former Judge Roy Moore? He used to be Alabama's Supreme Court chief justice, and he lost his job after refusing to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the state courthouse. This was after he was ordered to do that by a federal judge.

What a rebel.


On November 13, 2003, Alabama's Court of the Judiciary unanimously removed Moore from his post as Chief Justice. In the years preceding his election to the Alabama Supreme Court, Moore had successfully resisted previous attempts to have a display of the Ten Commandments removed from the courtroom where he was employed. [...]

Moore's supporters regard his stand as a defense of "judicial rights" and the Constitution of Alabama. Moore contends that federal judges who ruled against his actions consider "obedience of a court order superior to all other concerns, even the suppression of belief in the sovereignty of God."

Just what we need, another religious zealot.

Guess what he wants to do now? Go on, guess. What's that? You read the blog title, so you already know that he plans to announce a run for president? No fair.

He says he'll make a big announcement in mid-April that he'll be setting up his exploratory committee to do some exploring Well, he says he's "considering" that whole exploration thing, wink wink.

Moore believes he'll be able to connect with people like no other GOP candidate can, because, you know, he has that certain something.


The aide, Zachery Michael, said Moore's platform will be focused on repealing the health care overhaul law, replacing the progressive income tax with a flat tax and bringing "commonsense solutions" on immigration and border control. [...]

"He not only stood up for his faith, he stood up against the tyranny of government," he said.

Now then, what's more logical than trying to become the head of the very tyrannical government you detest?

Here's a commandment for you, Roy: Thou shalt not win.

Moore is less.