Wisconsin PhotOh! Looks like nearly enough for a recall to me


The Capitol view from the Assembly chambers, via BrettHulseyWI:

And a tweet from MikeElk:

If 300k are at #wiunion today important to remember 550k signatures required to recall walker

  • Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  • Great picture= thanks for sharing - again and again!!!

  • Katerey523

    And nothing on corporately-owned media.

  • Um gee really? It was a quip, genius, based on sheer numbers, and polls,

  • quickstudy

    Um... the people signing the recall petition need to at least be from the same state as the elected representative. Sorry but the Reverend Jackson can't sign your recall.

  • CaldwellYoung

    What a stirring photo! Way to go Wisconsin! You've reminded us that we have a voice!

  • Person

    Any NON c0 rr upt corporate giant, wealthy person or business person (along with the rest of US) should be strongly against this c0 rrupt c0llusion- K0ch/Walker, the G0P and the entire sh am Teapuppet leaders. They are going to de str0y our Country. Their agenda is going r0b us of education (we will have NO innovation), it will r0b us of infrastructure (our roads and bridges will crumble), it will r0b us of independence from foreign oil (not allowing alternative energy and high speed rail) and it will r0b us of OUR RIGHTS (giving special interest favors to only their m0n 0poly driven gains). We have to stand up against this, get them out of office and restore the laws that protect our Democratic Republic! Stand up NOW and don’t stop.

  • Sheilajfields

    You have to remember Madison's Capital building has 4 sides, all 4 sides look like this!!

  • The Michigan story has me livid. If there is ANYthing you need posted about
    it, email me.

  • gainesMI

    And we very much appreciate that, Laffy!! You and Paddy do an excellent job at getting the lesser known stories out! Thank you! :o)

  • gainesMI

    I voted for Bernero, so I'd be more than happy to sign a recall petition for Snively Snidy!!!

  • Tama Mattocks

    Please pay attention to Michigan.
    We CAN walk and chew gum at the same time!

    In Michigan, they are passing legislation to overturn and replace ELECTED officials - by slashing budgets so deep that it triggers the appointment of an unelected Emergency Manager - who can dissolve public & private contracts and Elected bodies - at will. Yet, legally exempts the "Managers" from Any legal liabilities. HOW would "the people" Ever get their voice back under this legislation?

    They are currently training at least 60 Emergency Managers to take over localities in MI.

    Wake UP! Your VOTE will not matter in MI for much longer...

  • AZLisa

    Oh my gosh! What an AWESOME PICTURE. I've been watching the livestream and crying. Thank you SO MUCH Wisconsin. I was thinking I might have to leave the US. I was frightened for our nation's freedoms. You guys rock! Recall, then on to Michigan which is in real trouble.