Wisconsin Assembly passes anti-union measure


Via Maddow Blog

"I think there’s absolutely no question that this is an issue for 2012." - Wisconsin Republican State Senator Randy Hopper.

Via an L.A. Times email alert:

The Wisconsin Assembly today gave final approval, 53-42, to a GOP measure that sharply limits collective-bargaining rights for most public employees.

The action had been expected after the state Senate passed the proposal Wednesday night despite a boycott by all 14 of the Democratic lawmakers. Democrats fled the state on Feb. 17, denying the Senate a quorum, but Republicans modified the bill so that a simple majority was sufficient to pass the plan, proposed by Gov. Scott Walker, and send it to the Assembly.

The measure now goes to Walker, who has said he will sign it. Democrats are expected to fight the plan in the courts and have started recall campaigns against some Republican leaders.

More at http://latimes.com.

I was watching the live video stream, and the debate was abruptly shut down. Bang. After the GOP adjourned until Tuesday, the Democrats shouted, "Shame! Shame! Shame!"