Fox's Megyn Kelly tweets about beaten woman: "She deserves it... Could he be right?"


My buddy drdigipol posted a Twitpic of a Megyn Kelly tweet (see below) in his own tweet:

ON THE RECORD: JPG of @megynkelly's horrid tweet on a beaten woman: #internationalwomensday #fem2

Here's one more tweet from Center for American Progress Action Fund:

@CAPAction: HORRID: Wretched 2 even pose this question on #InternationalWomensDay @megynkelly. SHAME ON YOU! #p2 #fem2 #npr pls RT

Just thought I'd share it so you can see for yourself:

I'm sure ClusterFox's little darling would love to hear from you on this International Women's Day. She does claim to be a woman, after all, although to my knowledge, most women have hearts.

Added: Of course, MSNBC suspended Keith Olbermann over a political donation. Fox will most likely justify this on behalf of their news model.

  • Featheredfrog

    Of course she deserves it, she'a a Nazi!

  • She is there because Murdoch likes leggy blonds and a few brunettes, not because she is 'fair' or 'balanced.' She regularly is up in arms over anything Obama does, and I thought journalists were never to let their biases show. Right.

  • BruinGirl2001

    Jon Stewart ridicules her regularly-I hope he makes fun of this!

  • Just how much PEROXIDE do they use on her head?? She's just brain dead....and very MEAN.

  • Because we all know that a parking space is worth a beating. Discuss. JFC.

  • Relens

    Un-freakin-believable. They are all drinking the Fox kool-aid over there.