Walker's budget okays disposing of unclaimed pound dogs to University research facilities


Why does Scott Walker hate animals? Because if he doesn't, he has a funny way of showing it... in his own budget:

174.13  Humane use of dogs for scientific or educational purposes.

174.13(2)(2)  Any officer or pound which has custody of an unclaimed dog may release the dog to the University of Wisconsin System, the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc., or to any other educational institution of higher learning chartered under the laws of the state and accredited to the University of Wisconsin System, upon requisition by the institution. The requisition shall be in writing, shall bear the signature of an authorized agent, and shall state that the dog is requisitioned for scientific or educational purposes. If a requisition is made for a greater number of dogs than is available at a given time, the officer or pound may supply those immediately available and may withhold from other disposition all unclaimed dogs coming into the officer's or pound's custody until the requisition is fully discharged, excluding impounded dogs as to which ownership is established within a reasonable period. A dog left by its owner for disposition is not considered an unclaimed dog under this section. If operated by a county, city, village or town, the officer or pound is entitled to the payment of $1 for each dog requisitioned. An institution making a requisition shall provide for the transportation of the dog.
174.13(3) (3) An officer or pound that has custody of unclaimed dogs shall maintain records as provided under s. 173.17.
174.13(4) (4) It shall be unlawful for any person, except a person licensed or registered and regulated under federal animal welfare laws, to take or send outside the state or to purchase or otherwise acquire in this state for the purpose of taking or sending outside the state, any living cat or dog to be used for any medical, surgical or chemical investigation, experiment or demonstration.
History: 1971 c. 40 s. 93; 1973 c. 130; 1977 c. 418, 447; 1979 c. 289; 1991 a. 189; 1997 a. 192.

Well, okay then, so long as he calls it "humane"...

Scott Walker is fast becoming one of the top 5 on my list of despicable inhuman beings.

H/t: marklainer

Added, via a commenter: That already is state law. The change is adding the words "University of Wisconsin-Madison." Currently the University of Wisconsin-Madison is part of the University of Wisconsin System. Because of the proposed UW split, the University of Wisconsin-Madison needs to be added to the statute in order to keep the status quo.