Five Things Unions Have Done For All Americans


It is worth repeating and repeating again, union busting is not about money or paychecks, it's about eventual single party corporate rule by way of destroying the middle class and democracy as we know it. It's about Republicans wanting all the money and power to themselves, so, per Thom Hartmann, they've instigated a partisan war that only one side has waged. Their side.

As every poll has indicated, Americans support collective bargaining rights, and are showing solidarity with the unions:

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I previously posted a wonderful list of things from which we all benefit every day because of unions.

Here's another shorter one (I'll provide the main points, but hop over to Think Progress for the details), because revisiting a few of them is a good reminder of what we'd be missing had unions not stood up for the rights of workers:

ThinkProgress has assembled just five of the many things that Americans can thank the nation’s unions for giving us all:

1. Unions Gave Us The Weekend

2. Unions Gave Us Fair Wages And Relative Income Equality

3. Unions Helped End Child Labor

4. Unions Won Widespread Employer-Based Health Coverage

5. Unions Spearheaded The Fight For The Family And Medical Leave Act