PhotOh! Summary of Gov. Scott Walker's budget


Video added.

For your perusal.

See how he cares for the people of Wisconsin?

H/t: wajobu

  • eliminate the Commerce Dept ? Do I read that correctly ?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds more like a threat than anything resembling a discussion.
    Apparently Scott Walker thought he was elected 'King'.
    Americans need to wake up...Wisconsin protesters have been the only shining hope in years...where are the rest of you?

  • KansasDem

    Reduced to layman's terms:

    The GOP has found their new "welfare queens" and they're public sector workers!

    What we need is for someone to lay out exactly when the deficit began, what exactly added to it, and who's been held accountable for it! It's really a "duh" moment:

    Bush cut taxes twice w/o paying for it.
    added Medicare part D w/o paying for it.
    9/11 happened so we added "homeland security"
    2 wars
    economic downturn due to deregulation

    Seriously! WTF??????????????????