Orrin Hatch: Affordable Care Act is "an awful piece of crap."


Orrin Hatch opened his big, unprofessional mouth at an event sponsored by the Utah State University College Republicans. He *gasp!* used a four-letter euphemism for a four-letter-not-euphemism! Why, the very idea!

He must have been trying to impress the GOP youth of America with his awesome vocabulary and soul-stirring imagery.

The Moment of Civility since the Tucson shootings is long gone, and apparently Toddler Talk is the new "passion".

Hatch, on the Affordable Care Act, or as he likes to call it, "an awful piece of crap":

"Every state has different demographics, every state has different problems," Hatch said, according to a Utah Statesman report published Monday. "It's good to allow them to work out their own problems rather than a one-size-fits-all federal government, dumb-ass program. It really is an awful piece of crap."

Hatch apologized for swearing, according to the Statesman. Hatch explained that "he does not swear often. He said he is passionate about the health care debate and would repent for using the words that he did," the Statesman wrote.

You know, I don't recall "crap" or "dumbass" getting bleeped on the airwaves. Come on, Orrin, if you're gonna swear, swear. "Piece of sh*t" would have gotten you way more media attention.

What a dumbass.

  • Lib-Hater

    If it looks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, odds are it's a Duck! The same goes for the insane Obamacare "Piece of Crap Bill" that has done nothing but cause 90% of those with Health Coverage to now pay nearly double for their premiums!! Another stupid Liberal idea that did not take into account the unintended consequences.  Can't wait to see you morons out of office so we can repeal this Piece of Crap!!

  • Typical Republican: Focus on the differences (here among states), instead of understanding the common problems needing a common solution. More GOP divide and conquer--if we let them do it.

  • Anonymous

    Takes one to know one! Here behind the Zion Curtain we've suffered with this idiot for more years than I care to remember; he's a real political prostitute, he'll sleep with whomever pays him the most. Right now it's the reich wingers so he's bending over backwards to prove how extreme he is. "Hey look at me, I can do wingnut too! Look at me!"

  • Anonymous

    hey, borin' orrin, you're talking to kids here. watch your fucking language!

  • HarborGuy

    Oh boy...Hatchy, you are stepp'n right in a big PILE of "it", with that statement.

    This...from Sen. "Valley of the Dolls" Book Waver.

    Ya, like you are credible to be calling stuff crap.