TPC reader's conversation with tea party activist Senator Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin: "Out of state messages do not matter"


You've probably seen Glenn Grothman on TV lately. He's been on quite a bit, defending Scott Walker.

My Twitter pal wiccaspirits (her previous convo with a tea party member can be found here) had a lovely chat with him, She sent me an email describing it, and here it is, verbatim.

When you pick your jaws up off the floor, feel free to respond to her via Comments and/or to those who she conveniently listed below:

So I am going to tell you about a conversation I had with Glenn Grothman yesterday at about 11am my time in California. If you do not know who he is....he is a state senator form Wisconsin and a Tea Party member too. Okay so here it goes..

I first asked him why the republicans in Wisconsin were so eager to bust the unions? His reply was that it was time for the union workers to pay their fair share because as far as he was concerned they do not pay their fair share. He said it was time for firefighters, police officers and teachers to stop complaining and pay more or take a pay cut.

The I asked him if he knew any teachers? He said yes and then repeated again how teachers and other union workers do not pay their fair share. So then I told him about my parents, who were good and outstanding teachers for more than 40 years. I told him that they worked their butts off in and out of the classroom and not only deserved good working conditions, but good pay as well as good health benefits. I also informed him that because of their good pension my parents are living comfortably in retirement. He then had the nerve to tell me that my parents were and are the exception because as he put it.."most teachers do not work as hard as they should." Are you kidding me I told him? but I left it at that because the story gets even better.

So then I asked him why it was so necessary to fly in the Tea Party from Virginia into the state of Wisconsin? He said because the Tea Party message was getting drowned out by protesters who do NOT understand why it is important not to have unions anymore. I told him well of course your message is getting drowned out because most Americans do NOT like your message because all you are doing is hurting the middle class. He then asked me where I was calling from and I told him California and what he said next shocked the hell out of me. He had the nerve to tell me and I quote..." As much as we love hearing from people out of state, their messages do not matter to us because they are not in the state of Wisconsin, nor are most of the messages from out of state from Tea Party members who support our agenda."

Are you freaking kidding me I told him? I then proceeded to tell him that if it was okay for the Tea Party to fly in from Virginia then it should as well be okay for all of you receive phone calls voicing disgust and concern for a bill that most of us do not like and do not approve of for our nation!

To finish my conversation, because at this point I am truly disgusted, I asked him if he looked at any of the recent polls that show many Americans do not approve of any of these bills that are making their way through the states. He then told me that I needed to stop listening to the liberal media and I needed to understand that they do not care about the polls, they only care about their agenda. Before I hung up, I told him that if 52% of the people in the great state of Wisconsin voted him in in 2010 they could easily vote him out in the next election. I also told him that as far as I was concerned he and many other republicans need to be careful because I am sure the liberals and Obama will have no problem getting reelected because he and the rest of the Tea Party were hurting american workers and the middle class, NOT helping them.

I also tried to call Governor walker but the phone was busy. I also tried to reach Scott Fitzgerald at the state capitol and his line was busy too. Below I included all three of their addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers for all of you to have.

So after reading all of that, here is my take on the situation and please feel free to leave comments for me to read. I think the republicans are doing two things wrong here...1. they are underestimating the american worker here in the U.S AND 2. they are underestimating President Obama. I have to say that I truly believe that President Obama will use this to his advantage in the next election, just as Clinton did in his reelection after congress could not pass a budget in 1995. And it could get even worse for republicans if they cannot pass a budget, because if Obama is smart, and I think that he is, he will use both messages to gain support for his re election from ALL parties. Not to mention he should use the poll numbers that were given on Rachel Maddow last night to his advantage. Not only do the democrats and independents not approve of these union busting bills BUT a small number of republicans support the bill. I honestly think Obama can win those votes again by highlighting the bad agenda of the Tea Party and republicans for the american worker. I am interested in hearing what all of you think.

Senator Glen Grothman
Room 10 South
State Capitol
P.O. BOX 7882
Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7882
Ph: 608-266-7513
Toll free: 800-662-1227
Fax: 608-282-3560

Scott Fitzgerald
N4692 Maple Road
Juneau, Wisconsin 53039
Ph: 608-257-8035

Governor Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, Wisconsin 53702
Ph: 608-266-1212