Sarah Palin wears glasses to "look smarter." It's not working.


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Poor Former Half-Gov Moronella McDimBulb, she fails at everything she does.

This time she should just quit... wearing glasses. It's not working:

A great nugget from the leaked book by a former top aide to Sarah Palin, courtesy of Josh Green: Even though Palin had Lasik surgery to correct her vision, she still wears glasses to "look smarter."

Another one from of Politico: The former Alaska governor didn't even support her own eventual ticket-mate in the GOP presidential primary, saying in a January 2008 email: "Huck's a good pick for me, just fyi."

Just fyi, Huck lucked out.

  • Ibuildfuru

    Palin deserves no credit just simply because she has amassed millions performing for the media -- it says more about the priorities of the media and our information-starved minds and our sexist culture that many can't stop watching her, can't stop filming her, can't stop signing book deals, can't stop publishing her picture and can't stop giving her a podium with pay.

    If she had looked like Susan Boyle (no offense Susan, you know what I mean) would have never been picked in the first place, would never have received any of the attention she has and wouldn't be given money for nothing.  We have male presidential candidates and long - serving politicians that would pass for amphibious swamp creatures, reptiles or nursing home escapees, but the wymens got to look good and do a dance. 

    People go to school for years, getting into debt, slaving away at menial internships and accepting the gauntlet of the crappiest office or the crappiest shift for years, all to get that piece of paper and that experience to then garner them the credibility to call themselves "doctor", "lawyer", "banker", "carpenter".

    But Palin just has had money thrown at her for being a woman that some men think they'd like to use to scrape their horn.  She hasn't earned a damn thing and her millions prove nothing but that we are still a bunch of morons, no better than her.

  • I hope Palin gets shingles. Or something. There's definitely no god as long as that wretched c**** remains on her perch.

  • Anonymous

    I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of her character, but the question wasn't whether she was a success, but whether she failed at EVERYTHING she did. She certainly didn't FAIL to she she'd be better off financially by quitting a job she admittedly hated.

  • Her approvals are in the toilet. Her integrity is zero. She can make money,
    but she has accomplished nothing of worth. She's a quitter, a liar, an
    ethical mess, and a hypocrite. Hence, my conclusion that she's not a
    success, she's someone who can make a buck by spewing lies and nastiness.
    Sorry, but we'll have to agree to disagree.

  • Anonymous

    Alright, let's say she successfully managed to increase her income far beyond what the average American could ever hope to achieve. When she amasses millions of dollars through books and television appearances, you can turn around and say she fails at everything she does. I can't stand the harpy, but let's give credit where credit is due. It doesn't do progressives any good to under estimate the abilities of their opponents. It might feel good, but it's shortsighted in the end.

  • That's income, not success.

  • Anonymous

    Fails at everything she does? Not quite. She's certainly raking in more money than she would have if she'd remained governor.