VIDEO- The Rachel Maddow Show: Like weekends? Thank Wisconsin unions.


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This isn't about money or budgets, it's about politics.

This is about destroying the Democratic party's ability to fund candidates, register new (including young and immigrant) voters, and eventually, exist meaningfully.

This is about a complete corporate takeover.

This is about busting unions and ending workers' rights.

This is about ending the Democratic party's electoral chances.

Let's recap: What did Wisconsin unions give us?

  • The eight hour work day
  • The 40 hour work week
  • Workers' compensation
  • The weekend
  • Unemployment benefits
  • The nation's biggest public workers' union
  • One of the first collective bargaining agreements for those those public workers

Kiss that good-bye if the unions go the way of black and white TV.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  • Fred52041

    To paraphrase FDR- Unions of public employees are irresponsible. We the tax payers are their bosses. When public employee unions pay up as far as pensions and health benefits go I would be more sympathetic. I payed into my pension at about 15% for 25 years. Now I am doing fine. So if they want a pension let them finance it. If they want health plan let them pay into the kitty.

  • Bet Not

    Wake up people, if you are working for $10 an hour raise your hand...see, unions are on the way out, and your earnings are on the way down, coincidence... Bet Not