Inexplicable edits on Sarah Palin's Facebook page; comment justifying 9-year-old victim's death not deleted


UPDATE: I just got an email from some fellow Dems I work with who are wondering if this was satire. I have no idea. If it is, then it shows as big a lapse in judgment as the Palin Facebook page comment that I posted here.

I put this out on Twitter yesterday, but it's worth a post, too. Please run over and read all of it, but essentially, it's a remarkable post about the speed with which only certain comments were deleted from Sarah Palin's Facebook page:

A commenter posted the following at 18:12:

"It's ok. Christina Taylor Green was probably going to end up a left wing bleeding heart liberal anyway. Hey, as 'they' say, what would you do if you had the chance to kill Hitler as a kid? Exactly."

I think I literally gasped when I read that. Remember, Christina Taylor Green was the 9 year old girl killed by the shooter. Apparently she had been brought there by her mom, who thought she might get a kick out of meeting Rep. Giffords, having recently been elected to her student council.

I assumed, as a matter of course, that this particular comment would be deleted with greatest possible speed.

So I kept hitting refresh, hoping to use this as an example to say, "You see, Palin's Facebook editing at least has the good judgement to remove clearly offensive content such as this." But it didn't come down.

Sickened, incensed, angry, sad, you name it, I felt it too after reading that.

When someone uses extreme rhetoric, violent rhetoric, about guns and killing a child, then they are taking a great risk that some very disturbed person with a gun is listening or reading, and will be pushed over the edge and use that gun.

It has to stop.

  • what sick people americans are, sit there and talk about someone saying what if? when they actually bomb children everyday for oil, they vote for the two main parties knowing they bomb children, so there is no excuse for we do not control the government, they voted for them to be there, to say if they voted for anyone else it would be an economic disater is to say we value our comfort over the lives of children, listen up sicko americans, i would kill hitler and Obama as a child if i had the chance to go back in time and save the world from the evil shadow that is now over the world, I have one prayer, god please let china realise that they are next and nuke these american nazi scum first. Object to that you filthy baby killing scum

  • Makeupemailaddy
  • Isn't sociopath listed as a required job qualification on the application form?

  • Jeezus Christ! That's as bad as Westboro Baptist

  • stargst

    Yeah, where were when they were producing that artistic moving of killing Geo Bush. and what about all those children killed by abortion every day. Oh you moved the goal post once again. We not falling for it. Measure up to your own rules first.

  • Gn

    YEs! We know that she is a sociopath, but the right wing does not!

  • Ramonasvoices

    This is sickening. I didn't see anyone on Palin's FB page call the commenter out. I want to scream. I want to cry. (But I don't want to shoot anybody.)

  • Ramonasvoices

    This is sickening. I didn't see anyone on Palin's FB page call the commenter out. I want to scream. I want to cry. (But I don't want to shoot anybody.)

  • Gutarman

    We're use to getting comments like that that refer to us in minority communities. I'm sure it is the same for LGBT, non-Christian, and lower income communities as well. Persevere!

  • Tru

    I find myself at a loss for what to think. My first instinct is to think that anyone who would post such a comment is a psychotic who needs to be removed from society. Then comes the second thought, in which I begin to think that the sad consequence of the Internet, with all its qualities, is that we have these "comments sections" that have become the bathroom walls of the cyber-sewer. Here, without any sort of responsibility for what they say, people are free to scrawl whatever they please. And some of the worst, most outrageous comments are motivated not by true mental affliction suffered by the commenter, but merely by the juvenile desire to shock and offend faceless others as much as possible.

    If making a comment that the shooting and death of a 9-year-old girl was probably to the good anyway because she might otherwise have grown up to become (horrors!) one of their political opponents--all of whom they have equated to Hitler--so much the better, they think. Yeah, THAT'll freak out the little old lady in Dubuque who reads this! Hah, she might even have a heart attack and die! Which would be OK, because she's probably a liberal anyway!

    Maybe the problem isn't that we've become a country full of psychopaths, but that we've become a country full of immature, lazy assholes who think their "opinions" actually have value and are worth making public record of, even at their most idiotic and nihilistic.

  • Anonymous

    You all know that Palin IS a sociopath, right?

  • #tcot re:commenter on Palin's facebook could have been written by anyone just to incite more rhetoric. You are adding to the rhetoric and vitriol you claim to oppose, along with Sheriff Dupnik and other DEMS who want to point fingers when there is NO evidence anything Palin did or said or any other political party, left or right, was his motive. He was delusional, on drugs and possibly schizophrenic..that is the real issue and that is what should be addressed. He fell into a hole...why wasn't he taken for a mental evaluation like the school recommended to his parents? If he is seen as a danger to himself or others they could have taken him in. He was worshiping Satan in their backyard...perhaps they were on drugs and occult worshipers too? We don't know much about them but that they were recluse and unfriendly. One neighbor said the father was an angry person and had a couple confrontations with him over his garbage not getting picked up by the city one day. So obviously his home environment may have played a role as well. So STOP pointing fingers just because one or two extremists post something stupid on the internet like you shared above! Try taking your own advice!!

  • Walt

    You see. Another deeply disturbed individual who his lock step in with this intellectually dishonest vitriolic messaging that comes from these authoritarian conservatives who lack any empathy. I mean, "Hey, as ‘they’ say, what would you do if you had the chance to kill Hitler as a kid? Exactly.” This is seriously twisted stuff. As far as I am concerned they are all a bunch of sociopaths and they need to be stopped. They have taken free speech and turned it into an abomination.

  • So soooooooooooooooooooo wrong.

  • I read that last night...unbelievable. That comment about Christine Taylor Green should have been scrubbed immediately...

  • Really - there are too many psychopaths loose in the world. Work underway to get them ID'd in elementary school. About 1 in 100 in the population - that was a psychopath's remark. Cold-blooded, no empathy.