VIDEO- Airline pilot: "The [TSA] message was, 'You've angered us by telling the truth.'"


The truth hurts, TSA?

SACRAMENTO, CA - An airline pilot is being disciplined by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for posting video on YouTube pointing out what he believes are serious flaws in airport security.

The 50-year-old pilot, who lives outside Sacramento, asked that neither he nor his airline be identified. He has worked for the airline for more than a decade and was deputized by the TSA to carry a gun in the cockpit.

He is also a helicopter test pilot in the Army Reserve and flew missions for the United Nations in Macedonia.


Within days of the video appearing on YouTube, a team of four federal agents and two sheriff's deputies appeared on the pilot's driveway to confiscate his federally-issued handgun and badge in what the pilot believes was an obvious attempt to intimidate him.

Additionally, the pilot's state-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon was suspended by his county sheriff. [...]

The pilot said he had resigned his position as an FFDO and was told by a TSA representative the resignation would result in the case being closed. [...]

"... Really, the only way this news story got traction is because of the government's response," he pointed out.

H/t: HnstyNgov

  • Gregslemp

    Diane: Sorry to be rude, but I think you are totally missing the larger point. Don't you suppose that any half-witted would be mini-terrorist who wants virgins could sit in an airport for an hour, see that ONE CARD!!! could get him access, and figure out a plan? The loving Imams coaching him have probably known that for years. This pilot was just showing us one of the most blatant examples of the lunacy of our procedures.

  • Fliteshare

    The government profile is already in place.
    Who gets profiled ?
    Simple !
    Everybody who makes them feel embarrassed for working for the government.

    Look at it this way.
    They work for the incompetent team
    and they are going to make sure they keep working for the incompetent team.

    Remember, there is no F in incompetent.

  • Contractor_5

    The law enforcement officers obviously perjured themselves when they took their oaths to preserve, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. If the Sherriff's won't stand with the citizens then we can only look out for ourselves

  • Aldutt9mm

    the republicans we put in office must start impeachment against obama and all who helped to keep this overthrow of our freedoms in place ...repeal all the bad laws that restrict our freedoms....

  • Larry E. Teboe

    All that we see on the news about TSA and their so called security measures is another example of an inexperienced White House administration and poor choices by Obama for the President's Cabinet Secretaries, especially Napalitano. The news reports about the scans and pat downs from TSA are just smoke screens to make the public believe the Obama administration is taking care of our security. Why would Obama do that when he doesn't think our own borders need to be secured and he doesn't even want to call a war a war. His far-left agenda is his major goal and destroying America and our economy is part of his plan. The new Republican Congress In January 2011 better wake up, stand up, and speak up and not cave in like the dozen or so did in the lame duck session that helped Obama, Reid, and Pelosi pass more laws that will harm America and our legal citizens. Pray for real conservatives to b e elected in 2012 and then we can repeal all of the stupidity that has been done since the guy from Kenya moved into ther White House.

  • HippyJoe

    Gotta keep the "SHAM" many Federal Thug Jobs and liberal democrat seats in congress depend on it !!!

    The "Scare'em and Screw'em" tactics are the same being used in the global warming scam !!

  • Deadpammy

    I can see your logic, but the crew and pilot already have the weapon, it's the airplane. They could crash it anytime the wanted to, or fly it into a building, sporting event, a mall. So why would they need to bring arms aboard? The only shame today is the shame coming from Big Sis and the way she is handling the TSA.

  • Deadpammy

    Seriously, when they do we won't be able to see or hear about the governments shenanigans any longer, then what? We Americans are totally screwed.

  • Payner320

    I am NEO


    Okay...where do we go to protest for this guy AND how much does he need to fight the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

  • Nutcracker

    Sorry, Jesus said "What you do to the least of them, you do to me!" Jesus would not have agreed with abortion on demand. He also preached about cheerful giving to others, NOT stealing from one group of people and giving it to another. You Libs use Jesus Christ at your convenience, yet do everything you can to remove him from society. Hipocrites!

  • Blake

    The Obama regime has asked us to be on guard this Christmas and report unusal events. Look what happened to this pilot when he spoke out. Hitler asked his people to report unusal events. Millions ended up in camps never to be seen again. How far are we going to allow these idiots to go? Be careful liberals. Remember when the French people took all they could take. The gallows ran red with the blood of those that rubbed the people the wrong way. If our leaders can't speak for us then the people will!

  • Gary

    Thank you sir! You are a true patriot.

  • Golfsdmc

    So let me get this straight....this pilot reveals security flaws (obviously the TSA wants us to pretend everything is just fine) and the TSA takes his federally issued firearm which he was issued to protect his aircraft and his passengers? Give me a break! The TSA is all smoke and mirrors....they think we, the American public, are so naive and gullible that if they tell us something we will blindly believe it?

  • SgtShel

    This is a surpise???? This is just another chapter in the 'Great Obambe American Cartoon'
    Remember those immoral words "TRUTH?? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!

  • humpty

    HE'S A HERO........."those who shine the light of the truth will endure burning..." Keep it up Captain, you will prevail in the end!

  • humpty

    HE'S A HERO........."those who shine the light of the truth will endure burning..." Keep it up Captain, you will prevail in the end!

  • JustAGuyWhoNoLongerFlies

    This man is much braver than I, although he only scraped the skin off the top of the zit that is "airport security." Rather than identify the security shortfalls and call for a uniform level of security around aviation, I quit flying instead. Driving cross-country sucks ... but changing my 'frequent flier' job and opting out of the airline-security lunacy, when it began, saved me some ulcers. "Combating" crime or terrorism by focusing on other than criminals and terrorists doesn't equate with American principals in my book.

    The purported enhancements to airline security since 9/11 would be laughable if they didn't have such an intrusive impact on the public, nor be diametrically opposed to the individual-rights-based nature of American society. Convinced that such idiocy cannot be purposeless, I am forced to conclude that these measures are grounded in the government's desire to combat the unlawful movement of cash, especially within the USA. I do not view any deleterious impact to the drug trade as being justified -- what with our open border policy towards illegal Mexicans and others -- through which the cash's antecedent enters the country.

  • JustAGuyWhoNoLongerFlies

    This man is much braver than I, although he only scraped the skin off the top of the zit that is "airport security." Rather than identify the security shortfalls and call for a uniform level of security around aviation, I quit flying instead. Driving cross-country sucks ... but changing my 'frequent flier' job and opting out of the airline-security lunacy, when it began, saved me some ulcers. "Combating" crime or terrorism by focusing on other than criminals and terrorists doesn't equate with American principals in my book.

    The purported enhancements to airline security since 9/11 would be laughable if they didn't have such an intrusive impact on the public, nor be diametrically opposed to the individual-rights-based nature of American society. Convinced that such idiocy cannot be purposeless, I am forced to conclude that these measures are grounded in the government's desire to combat the unlawful movement of cash, especially within the USA. I do not view any deleterious impact to the drug trade as being justified -- what with our open border policy towards illegal Mexicans and others -- through which the cash's antecedent enters the country.

  • very

  • Vomitoriam

    Janet Osama Bin Laden Adolph Napalatano needs to be imprisoned on treason charges for her flagrent destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

  • Passiveintrest

    Wake up America! Big Government is the enemy of the state, not the citizens! I hope they investigate this abuse and go after the bureaucrat's that are responsible. Let's start with the stereotypically angry lesbian at the top!

  • Call_ej

    TSA is getting out of control, our government is out of control. This is fascism lite and its only going to get worse.

  • Anonymous

    All honest men and women will end up in prison or dead, just like the Soviet Union. This is not a free country, and everyone needs to pick up arms.

  • TheAntiNut

    Here's some truth for ya: Jesus was a Liberal in the extreme. The Bush family are a bunch of criminals, even pre-dating Colorado Savings & Loan Neil "I don't know if I'm on the board or not" Bush, Viet Nam was a lie, the Kennedy assisnations were a lie, and the rich don't need yet another handout. You can't handle the truth.

  • Sean

    where is the whistle blower protection?

  • Bla

    joe the plummer

  • 1st Cav

    Heil Obama and "Big Sis" Himmler!

  • Anonymous

    This is simple you foil hat wearing schmucks... they were paying this guy to fly the plane and trusted him to be part of the security operation. He betrayed that trust by becoming an activist. TSA and DHS are near sham operations in some regards, but this guy was in the WRONG.

  • Hei839

    Our government is Al Qaida. The bin Laden tapes were faked, some made in Italy, some in Iraq. Al Qaida is a scam to rake in trillions of dollars for the puppetmasters who control our "government."

  • Jared Lorz

    Concealed weapons permits are bullshit. Just another way to ensure the bad guys have guns and the bad guys have badges.

  • USA2011

    The problem is that big government types have disproportionate influence because they invest a lot of time and energy in their cause, whereas normal folks spend their time working and raising families. The only way to regain lost liberties is for freedom loving people to take the time to call their Congressmen and call the other stakeholders such as airline executives and ask them to start standing up for the people. That does not take a lot of sacrifice. If regular folks don't speak out now, things will get a lot worse.

  • Beavis

    Diane, you are an idiot. Go to Reagan National. Look around the airport and tarmac. Every one there is Somali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muslim Somali's...most of whom are OK but mixed into their community are the bomber types recently made public by their support and terrorist acts. They have large numbers of them sharing ID's let alone not going through background checks.

  • USA2011

    Thanks for the heads up. Ron Paul seems to be right on a lot of issues these days.

    Passing a bill the traditional way however is a bit of a challenge. Committee hearings have to be held and after a bill passes out of committee the sponsor needs to get floor time to debate and pass it. The bright side of this approach is that committee hearings allow the issue to be aired publicly.

    The easiest route is to pass an amendment on a "must pass" bill headed to the House or Senate Floor. If we could persuade the right Congressmen to offer an amendment in committee it could go a lot quicker. Perhaps when the new Congress takes up the budget an amendment could be offered to stipulate how funds for TSA can be spent.

    Concerned citizens might want to ask their Congressmen to use multiple approaches to trim TSA' sails. All it takes is one persistent Congressman to get the job done. If he or she asks for a roll call vote it would be hard for their colleagues to vote "no. "In fact a roll call on this issue would expose which Congressman stand for liberty and which for big brother.

    Thanks for the excellent research!

  • Anonymous

    The difference here is that Bush didn't send the "gestapo" to everybody's house who openly declared their opposition to his policies, nor did he send local authorities to confiscate their legal firearms. Agree with you that our government, regardless of who is in power needs to be watched and, I personally, would like to see all government downsized to 1/3 their size. Government seems to cause more problems than it solves.

  • Anonymous

    Please spare us the class warfare /victim bit.

  • Anonymous

    I am also concerned about tampering with luggage once it is checked through - an item which I packed after my vacation was mysteriously missing when I returned home and unpacked and I am sure it was viewed as if items can be stolen from luggage, well, then what about the reverse? Interestingly, I happened to hand-over that piece of luggage at the ticketing gate very early before the flight. The bottom line - who really feels secure on an aircraft? My highest regards to those who make their livings flying around the world.

  • Anonymous

    What's the difference between this pilot filming open holes in airport security vs. him going to our border and filming wide open security breaches there? The government should thank this man, not punish him! What has become of this country? Thank Matt Drudge for getting the word out nationally!

  • Anonymous

    Airport security is a joke and has been for a long time. It's inconvenience and conditioning so you will accept worse later. I do question why we wont do what would amount to actual security instead of feeling up grannys and sexually assaulting people.

    The federal government has shown itself to be incompetent and worse than barney fife. Why we stand for it is beyond me.

    Secret trials of security screening have shown an appealing failure rate at various airports, although theft was up and continues to be up at airports, just check that lap top through and see if it comes out the other end.

    The answer is don't fly. In a land that is supposed to be free we have a government that is utterly out of control and viciously hates it's own people.

  • They missed Assange, but they got HIM.
    I bet they're SO proud of themselves.

  • Man with a big boat

    Her name (I think its a her) is Janet Napolitano. I much prefer to spell her proper name:


    Revolution brewing...

  • Bill

    Massive over reaction by the Feds. Not only revoke his FFDO status, but they lean on the Sacramento County Sheriff to revoke the pilot's *personal* concealed carry permit. I wouldn't put it past this gov't to subject him (and us) to an IRS audit if speaking out embarrasses the feds.

  • Bill

    Massive over reaction by the Feds. Not only revoke his FFDO status, but they lean on the Sacramento County Sheriff to revoke the pilot's *personal* concealed carry permit. I wouldn't put it past this gov't to subject him (and us) to an IRS audit if speaking out embarrasses the feds.

  • X256893

    The problem with the TSA is that they think terrorists get ideas from youtube videos. Most terrorists aren't ignorant sheepherders from desert cliffs who just happened to catch a video on the web! They are well-educated, wealthy and in most cases, come from influential Saudi families. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out where the security flaws are, AND who the terrorists are. Our government calls their government "Allies", we call them "islamic terrorist", or more respectfully "Saudi princes".

  • hughjr

    So, this pilot points out the fact that the emperor has no clothes and then the jackbooted storm troopers raid his home. Color me not surprised that the Nazis (Obama, et al) would do such a thing.

  • Jason

    Have you looked at the hiring criteria for even the TSA agents that do our groping, which must be higher than the food service workers that service the planes right? To get a TSA Screener job, you must be 1. eighteen years of age; 2. proficient in English; and 3. Either have a high school diploma, ged, OR have a year's worth of work in any security field (i.e., mall cop satisfies this requirement). So, to work for the TSA you really only need to be 18 years of age and speak English, and you think the plane service people get EXTENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECKS? No, they don't.

  • The regime wouldn't mind this at all. The airlines would start losing money and fold. An emergency would exist. The regime could comandeer all the airlines and we'd have Government Airlines, just like we have government motors. Everyone knows that the government can run things better than the private sector -- NOT! Where will the government get their money after they have destroyed capitalism?

  • I think you are like another poster who has a chip on your shoulder towards pilots. The point is, why can't pilots be subjected to an "extensive background check" as well and call it good? The pilot wasn't denigrating ground crews. He was just pointing out the discrepancy and hypocrisy of the system. I rarely fly, but I'm definitely not now. The govt and the manufacturer of the body scanners are lying to us about the health risks. These pilots have to go through them all the time. I would be extremely concerned about my health if I were a pilot. The whole scanning thing is a farce.

  • Anonymous

    Did you ever read a story that got out few years ago that the baggage handlers (aka people who has had EXTENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECKS for the job) at Miami airport were stealing stuff from passengers' checked in bags?

    Is it conceivable for any one of these people - who has had EXTENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECKS - be coerced / compelled into helping terrorists? With just a swipe of a card as this pilot mentioned in his expose!

  • So if you don't have to be screened every time you needed access, then why do the pilots have to? That's his point. (Which you missed.) This is a major security discrepancy AND hypocrisy to which you just want to revert to calling the pilot names. It just seems to me that you are trying to unload the chip off your shoulder of something that has to do with perhaps the perceived social standing difference between pilots and "lowly" ground crew personnel. (Your adjective, not the pilot's.)

  • Lancer

    Yes. What planet are you from?

  • Diane

    Ican't belive how ignorant some of you posters are AIRPORT STAFF THAT ARE SERVICING YOUR AIRCRAFT HAVE GONE THROUGH EXTENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECKS, FINGERPRINTING ETC... we go through security doors with ID cards and codes...yes folks that IS screening! I am really sick of people ignoring the obvious...TSA SHOULD BE PROFILING> WE SHOULD BE SECURING THE BORDERS. Its much easier for a terrorist to get in here from Mexico than to breach airport security. So what way do you think he would take? DHS and the Nazi running it will not protect the borders nor will they profile. They just want those who get hysterical about seeing a ground crew person going through a SECURE door get all warm and fuzzy seeing a pilot or other airline personnel going through the same dog and pony show that passengers go through. WAKE UP AMERICA! DHS is not doing its job.

  • Hort356

    Liberal turd. Your brain is in the toilet and my hand is on the handle.

  • Hort356

    Liberal turd. Your brain is in the toilet and my hand is on the handle.

  • Diane

    And Obamass and Janet Nazipolitano perverted it into something it was never meant to be.

  • Diane

    And Obamass and Janet Nazipolitano perverted it into something it was never meant to be.

  • diane

    Get your facts straight or do a little research. Anybody having anything to do with the aircraft have extensive background checks. We have a trusted status to access the aircraft. That includes flight and ground crew. EVERYONE including caterers, fuelers etc.... If a pilot wants to go "rogue", he/she could wreak havoc with the biggest weapon they have right in their hands...THE PLANE. No amount of TSA horse and pony show and groping could stop that. There has to be a level of trust in order for flight operations to go smoothly. Try using a little common sense before expounding on something before you know what goes on in the background. I am no defender of the TSA, they are full of flaws. The biggest one is the failure to profile. That is what all you sheeple should be getting your knickers in a bind about!

  • Guest

    I like how the pilot requests to not be identified but then 1 minute later they have his name displayed when they are playing his phone interview. haha

  • diane

    You don't know what you are talking about. What his video shows is some one who has had EXTENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECKS not just some Joe Blow off the street. Do you think the people servicing the planes on the ground are just some bums recruited off the street? There are flaws in the system. What this video shows is nothing but BS from a pilot that has his nose out of joint because he had to go through security (which he should not have to), and the ground crew did not. This is a bone of contention with some flight crews. They should then try to fix the system rather than trying to point out a problem that doesn't exist.

  • diane

    At first I sympathised with this guy, however he is full of crap as far as saying groundcrew is not screened. I work for a major airline and we have all had extensive background checks and clearance to have access to aircraft. If we had to go through screening every time we had to access secure areas your flights would be hours late every day. We go through the same security background checks that the crew does and the rules and penalties are very strict if these privledges are abused. This guy just has his undies in a bundle because he had to go through security and a lowly ground handler like me did not. There are flaws in security, but this is not one of them. I haven't seen the rest of his videos, but his attitude sucks on this aspect.

  • Dnasrrt

    Well maybe they shouldnt let people run loose with cameras and GUNS, and letting them run their mouth for crying out loud. There oughtta be a LAW!

  • This is not security.
    This has got to stop.
    The American people are not terrorists.
    Janet Incompetano has to go.

  • Motorcycleboy

    I'm sure the ACLU will be sending an army of lawyers any second.


  • 762submoa

    His county sheriff is a fed whore who should be thrown out on his ass! III%

  • john

    i hate to sound this way but if he is Black forget about it I don't know why black people are so easily led example and i mean this with every thing i no if king kong was a Democrat they would vote for him

  • john

    I guess the making of home videos is now a gun banning offense

  • john

    I guess the making of home videos is now a gun banning offense

  • john

    i was saying the same thing we are living in strange times look for a major flew in the next 5 years and also mass starvation i see it coming

  • Mark

    I'm surprised the Obama administration didn't censor News10. While we were asleep at the polling booth our country was highjacked by the enemy from within.

  • john

    god bless you if you build it they will come

  • john

    I have a dark suspicion that is why so many are over seas at this moment and guess who is filling our bases the Russians for training just look through the Patriot act scary sh4t in there

  • Anonymous

    We are a police state. And the feud between R and D is what consumes most of the sheeples time....

  • Anonymous

    A "feminized" police state 😉

  • BeaReady

    Hey Cousin Jan ...... good to see you!

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the USSA, my fellow feminized Americans....

  • BeaReady

    yeah, his Patriot Act made sure it would be 'privately run' ..... good grief!!!

  • Keep Pushing. Americans that can see the big picture will start to push back!

  • sf

    Why did they take away his gun? Did he threaten someone?
    This is what democrats always do. They never respond to the message they attack the messenger.

  • Pandoraah

    The pilot did the right thing by exposing lack of security. I care very much about security. However, if the govt. provides more security, John Q. starts wcreaming about privacy issues. Those in the know should always do what is right for Americans regardless of foolish complainers.

  • Prettyobvious

    Can I just point out the obvious? A pilot should not really need to go through security at all, because heaven knows he doesn't need a gun or a knife, he could do a million worse things when he controls the plane.

  • Ralph

    He's a "Whistle Blower." But it's not the government stepping into help him. He needs protection from the Government!

  • Desert Dawg

    Joe, aka "the friend I haven't me yet",


  • Desert Dawg

    Joe, aka "the friend I haven't me yet",


  • Asdf

    This pilot is a very brave man; I appreciate the risk he has taken so that we can begin to meaningfully address this issue.

  • bryced

    Are you guys serious?

  • I agree that things would change if people stopped flying. I think everybody should stop flying except people who would lose their jobs if they didn't agree to fly for work.

  • American Joe

    I find it funny how instead of backing your side up with facts you instead commit a fallacy of argument, in fact several fallacies in the same disjointed, ill composed sentence. That is IF you can call your outburst an argument. As you are clearly a product of the public school system I will go easy on you in this lesson, not that going easy is any great Change for you. Though I Hope it will get through, rather like a Tall Boy hitting a Submarine Pen.

    Firstly you violated the Fallibility Principle. You cannot in good faith engage another in argument without first admitting that you are as the principle states, fallible. Liberals will never admit they are wrong, hence Obama as President.

    Second, you dont seem to want to know the truth let alone make an acceptable attempted at finding the truth, thus violating the Truth-Seeking Principle. If you had been interested in the Truth I wouldnt be writing this.

    Next, the Burden of Proof is now upon you, not "the other guy". This Principle may be confusing and indeed altogether lost on you as the public schools dont allow students to carry burdens anymore.

    The next one should be easy as Liberals love being Charitable, so long as it is with other people possessions (taxes). The Principle of Charity refers to not so much what you give but how you give it. Your restating of "the other guys" argument completely violated the principle to its utter end.

    I could go on but I fear that your tea cup runneth over and that we are all in danger of another pathetic rant about conservatism failing... Needless to say this is only the tip of the ice berg. We could melt the ice but the public school system has bought off on the "Green is Good" malarkey.
    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) there isnt enough power to boost the 5 watts that you seem to be running on to the needed 100 watts in order for you to see that the country is on fire and sinking fast.

  • Donc

    I'm an ex-pilot and I can tell you that any pilot can cause a plane to crash during takeoff. All you have to do is use the trim tab, up or down, to force the plane into a stall or nose down contact to the ground.

  • Doug S.

    For the second part of your question: How much you want to bet the sheriff got a call from DC and asked how the ethics investigation is going........???

  • Anonymous

    TSA - The Stupid Agency! Hey, child molesters and perverts need employment opportunities to.

  • Doug S.

    CCW's are issued by the lead LEO for the area that the holder lives in. They have the discretionary ability to suspend it.

  • If we can't vote these people out we will have to think about using our Second Amendment freedoms. That is why the Founders gave them to us. I hope it doesn't come to that but I won't be surprised if it does. My husband, a retired army colonel, and others would be willing to form state militias to defend our freedom.

    It is ironic that my husband and I adopted our children from Russia, where the people have no freedoms. The Russian Court asked us if our son would join the military like his father. When we told them that our son would make his own decision about that when he is old enough, they didn't understand our answer. Now our son might have to fight to keep the very same freedoms he would have been denied in Russia. I think people living today have forgotten that our Founders and many other patriots gave their lives to purchase our freedom. Freedom that the liberals have been trying to destroy for over 100 years.

  • Bkimmd

    So let's see, the chief of intelligence has no clue about the London terror bombings. The border is porous and dangerous as ever, with the Feds ignoring pleas for any real aid to the border states. TSA screeners molesting passengers. Yet, if an American soldier and pilot criticizes the TSA in a helpful and meaningful way, the incompetent scumbag Feds send him a "message." F that butch idiot Napolitano. F that empty-suit socialist rat Obama. F the traitorous Feds. Shouldn't you bureaucratic vermin be going after Muslims or something? Or are you too busy kissing their ass?

  • Joemod1

    GWB and the Republicans preferred a privately run TSA not a government run unionized goon squad.

  • Anonymous

    No one who isn't a corporatist / Fascist has a chance of getting on either party's ticket.

  • Joseph

    The TSA and the Federal Government cannot protect us! Instead they put us in naked body scanners that give us cancer(and take pictures of our naked bodies). How safe are we going to be when we all have cancer? The government is so incompetent they cannot allow any dissent, any questions, or any thought. I spent the night at an airport and I saw janitors coming and going all night through the "security check point" while it was closed. They were not screened... they just walked into the secure area with carts that could be full of just about anything disguised as garbage. The only thing that will protect us is our liberty!

  • Fred Loe1

    You come to my house and I will shoot every one of those pigs. This is America and His rights were violated and I would feel threatened and in Texas we shoot first better come ready to do battle I would like to say I am disappointed in our country,Big brother has arrived and they Any government agency at any level does not have the right to come to my house and confiscate anything Period. You think the tea party is a bunch or rebel rouser's wait to come to my house and many more silent majority 63 year olds. The TSA has been a Charade since day one to hassle the air traveling public and give out government jobs to idiot's. Who do you think they are kidding,that goes for the police,DEA and most other agencies. Only the military and the firemen are the only worth while government we have. Our government never made us strong but we the people are the back bone of this country. I am mad and disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    i believe only a small segment of the armed forces will follow orders to harm their fellow americans

  • You need to read our guidelines.

  • Anonymous

    mmmm sounds alot like, oh I don't know, uh maybe, KGB or Nazi SS. Heaven forbid anyone critiques anyone in the Obama administration. Even the sacred cow....ooopppsss did I say that? I better be careful, the cow may come and confiscate my cane. It could be used as a weapon....

  • Anonymous

    It always was. Congratulations on waking up.

  • Anonymous


  • We probably will need to be contributing to this pilot's legal defense fund soon. God Bless Him.

  • Anonymous

    problem is its worse than just incompetency.. it is outright anti american...these traitors know exactly what they are doing, and if it leads to the faster destruction of this country, they will continue to do it, until their goal is accomplished

  • BeaReady

    "I don't think George Bush ever dispatched the T.S.A..."

    Uh, no. George Bush only created the department TSA is part of ... 'Homeland Security'.

  • Anonymous


  • Bret43

    You need to stop listening to propaganda and start actually investigating things for yourself, with eyes open to both sides. What you find will scare the daylights out of you....and change your mind.

  • Anonymous

    TSA has always been a farce. And will continue to be a farce until people 'vote with their feet' and refuse to fly. Airlines take a hit in the wallet, the "government" will start taking this seriously and start LOOKING at people, not things.

  • Chuck N.

    Swipe a card and walk through, TSA agents with wrap sheets, porous borders... but no YOU Need to have a crotch check and so does your granny.

  • Granolajoe

    You got it right, "Disclosure of security FLAWS" is what Janet is upset about. In my several businesses that I own, I welcome criticism so I can IMPROVE! Instead, TSA feels threatened. Another example of BACKWARDS management by the government. (429 and counting).

  • BeaReady

    @USA2011 .... DONE Nov. 17, 2010: Introduced by TX Congressman Ron Paul Nov. 17, 2010
    H.R.6416, American Traveler Dignity Act

    It has a grand total of TWO Co-sponsors:
    Rep Duncan, John J., Jr. [TN-2]
    Rep Jones, Walter B., Jr. [NC-3]

    You can look up the Bill at Library of Congress site,

  • Pini_s

    That's why they're gaining control of the internet.

  • Bobsalter

    The Man is my Hero. I hope he is supported by his employer.

  • Yabbadabbado

    Both Parties, Republican and Democrat are at fault. They want us to fight among ourselves so they can RULE! BIG Government, whatever side of the aisle, is the problem. We are becoming a police state.

  • Rob

    The government used 911 to take over airport security with the story that 911 happened because of untrained low paid private security personnel. Just recently TSA's confidential failure reports were somehow made public. What was the excuse for the high failure rate? Poorly trained low paid "government" personnel (can you see a union coming?) Can't pay or train our people, but we can blow billions on back scatter x-ray. Add to this that the box cutters on 911 were already aboard the planes according to early official stories; so they did not go through screening. Mr. Shoe Bomber got on in a foreign country and flew to the US. Mr. Underwear Bomber boarded a plane in Yemen with an expired visa and no passport.

    Nothing that TSA is doing will stop any of this! TSA does not exist in foreign countries. Box cutters already on the plane (unscreened airport staff). Despite TSA and all the billions spent, not to mention the jack up of costs to fly and the ridiculous pat downs. You are no safer than you were on 9/10/2001. If you fly you are a pre-suspected criminal and must submit to the same treatment as if you are being arrested. Ridiculous! And; illegal under the Constitution!

  • Anonymous

    I have been watching the trend for 68 years. What is your battle cry Mikey? Down with everything?

  • We already knew ground security was zero because of the 19 year old guy who was able to run across the tarmac in Charlotte, climb into the wheel well and take off. He was killed but a terrorist could do the same thing and plant a bomb... but that's between you and me. I don't want any trouble with the feds.

  • Presidente Barry Soetero

    Federal government intimation and needs to be stopped right now. Where the fuck is Congressional oversight? The Nazis used these tactics at first before just killing any troublemaker. No wonder people are so down about the U.S.

  • Anonymous

    Along those lines, you can't spell conservatism without H-I-S-T-O-R-I-C-A-L-L-Y-P-R-O-V-E-N-F-A-I-L-E-D-P-O-L-I-C-I-E-S.

  • Mike

    How about you stop being ignorant and realize that we're ALL getting screwed from ALL angles. Left,Right,Up, Down. Doesn't matter where you are on the political spectrum.

    You think the Conservatives in power have your best interests in mind? Anyone that immediately blames "the liberals" or "the conservatives" is completely brainless and incapable of critical thinking.

    We lost loads of freedom and privacy during the Bush years, we're losing loads of freedom under Obama and friends...see the trend?

  • Goldbug063

    there's a more tactful way to point out security concerns unless the TSA was already aware of the problems and specifically doing nothing about it.

  • Fhjohnsonjr

    I thought there was protection for whistle blowers. Isn't there a law?

  • Anonymous

    Every bit of our problems can be traced to the Democratic Party. Wake up America.

  • USA2011

    Please, let's not wait until 2012. Ask Congress to pass legislation to stop the abuses. It wouldn't take much. Any Congressman can pass an amendment to a bill in committee adding restrictions on TSA. The challenge is getting Congressmen interested enough to do something about it. If enough people call they will get the message.

    The airlines could help too if they ask their lobbyists to lobby the Congress and DHS to stop the abuses.

  • time_for_a_revolution

    I have now come to conclusion that our government is far more scarier than Al Qaida. God bless the pilot and Big Sis, you can go F**k yourself. Oh yeah, thanks for being so "sympathetic" to the border agents family that was killed. I have never seen such an incompetent administration.

  • DBT

    We feel the redness, swelling and pain. Come January 2013 hopefully we'll have drainage.

  • USA2011

    Maybe the sheriff should be voted out of office.

  • USA2011

    TSA are the new fascists, serial gropers who infringe on our Constitutional rights to travel and be free from unreasonable searches. It is time to call our Congressmen and ask them to put a stop to these abuses by passing legislation or pulling funding. If the American people allow these abuses to continue we are on the road to tyranny.

    Interested people may want to call the airlines as well and ask them to stand up for their customers. Best bet is to ask for public affairs or media relations. You can find the phone numbers by searching online for press releases.

  • John

    I wouldn't call the pilot stupid anymore than I would tag that name on Patrick Henry. Don't be a sheep.

  • Nitestokker

    Good story. Thank you news people and thank you unidentified pilot for exposing it.

  • Stoney

    Retired after 38 yrs. with a major airline. Had badge to access any airport. The pilot is absolutely correct. His videos only scratched the surface of the problem. In the meantime the flying public sees window dressing called TSA , and endures un necessary harassment . The system is but another bureaucratic boondoggle. Profiling will solve the problem.

  • Sensitive security information? There would have to be SOME SORT of security there for him to have given it away, and there was none. Smoke and mirrors, and billions of dollars of our money probably gone into someone's pocket instead. Big Brother is watching, and you'd better tow the line...... sad day in America:o(

  • Not Shocked

    If the guy didn't care about our security, he wouldn't have put up the video. So, where's the logic in taking away his gun??????????

  • John

    My government is scarier by far than Osama bin Laden ever could have hoped to be.

  • WTF

    Gotta love it.

    Maybe they need to put the TSA in charge of Wikileaks. Sounds like this pilot is getting more punishment than Julian Assange has for his 'revealing of sensitve information. Thus far Julian's leak has been traced to at least 423 executions (often involving torture) of U.S. allies and their families (including young children) around the world.

    Julian will get a book deal and a Michael Moore movie contract. This poor pilot will eventually get the boot once the TSA leans on the airline by telling the FAA flight controllers to start casually backing up the airline's flight times.

    Actually will be glad to see the pilot grounded. Kinda scary someone supid enough to blow the whistle on the regime was allowed to fly a commercial airliner. They ought to have an IQ test for pilots to check for this type of stupidity....

  • Gary Hench

    You Inky, are assuming that we 'may' have One more time to use the ballot. On would not count on 2012 being an election year. This present regime may have to be continued infinitum until civil unrest allows [edited] obama to once again, allow elections.
    we shall see

  • Pobama

    This is honestly frightening. The joke that the TSA is is frightening. The absurd nonsense that air travelers now go through for no apparent purpose is frightening. The high school dropouts that constitute the TSA front line are frightening. And the suppression of the truth through brute force is perhaps most frightening. We are now like Russia was 20 years ago. Don't anger the government or they will get you.

  • Gary Hench


  • Gary Hench

    I don't think George Bush ever dispatched the T.S.A.;, Sheriff and local police to a persona house for search and seizure activities.
    Talk about Nazi's.
    Welcome to Amerika with all the Hope and change anyone can stand.
    Remember the days of the Constitutional Republic. Those days are gone folks.

  • Guest

    Welcome to AmeriKa, I think there is more freedom in China.
    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Country, but I fear for it, we have a DRACONIAN government and it's coming from both sides of the isle.
    There is an Agenda, and it doesn't matter who's in power.
    One day were going to wake up to military personnel all over our neighborhoods rounding us up and loading us into trucks, GOD forbid.
    We're all just a bunch of cattle and they are the managers.

    As for our military, we love you too!
    Remember, we're your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters...and we're your countrymen, I hope you'll always remember that if the order is ever given.

  • Sean

    In California Concealed Weapons Permits are issued as "May Issue" where Washington state (where I am) is a "Shall Issue" So to be perfectly clear.... If you meet all the requirements of the law in WA they SHALL issue a permit, whereas CA if you meet all the legal requirements they MAY issue you a permit, it is totally at choice of the local Police. One reason I like my Shall issue state... tho we do have other issues we need to address here.

  • HassanBeenSober

    TSA = Fat ignorant unemployables except by US Govt... a sort of welfare program for dumb asses.

  • liberals are dumb

    your missing Bee G's point, Mr Arrogant. What does the TSA's ruffled skirt have to do with the Sheriff? What's the Sheriff's problem? Get it now?

  • Mdesm2005

    Now we have one less armed pilot that can keep us safe. How does this help the public ? The more the TSA acts, the more they reveal themselves to be incompetent, expensive, fools

  • Shame on Big Sis

    God bless him. By making this video, he has saved many, many lives. Because the dunderhead, Big Sis Feds were sent to muscle him into shutting up, is no surprise. Face it, average citizens have prevented most terrorist attacks, from the shoe bomber to the underpants bomber. We the people will prevent the jihadi's from winning, even as the Feds aid and abet them.

  • Astrochilde

    So, the government made him take the video down because they didn't want anyone to see it.

    Now it's a news story with millions of people seeing it, and the Feds can't do anything about it.

    Amazingly stupid people running this government....



  • Anonymous

    Pushing, prodding and poking this government is forcing we, The People, to take a stand and either overthrow them or submit ourselves and our children to ages of servitude. The time to decide is quickly coming I trust we can make changes via the ballot.

  • Anonymous

    You're a little naive if you think a rogue pilot has to bring weapons on an airplane to cause a crash. All he/she has to do is fly the plane into a building. It does no good to screen a pilot on the day of their flight.

  • AuburnEngineer

    sorry--that's a "could" not "should"

  • AuburnEngineer

    Madmax--that's the point the pilot's trying to make, isn't it? That the GROUND CREW should ship an arsenal into the "rouge" (to use your word) aircraft. Yea for this pilot! He's a hero.

  • that guy

    Learn your gun laws, pistol permits are issued and revoked by your county's sheriff.

  • Bee G

    How can a local sheriff revoke his concealed carry permit? What does that have to do with the TSA?

  • resident_of_denver

    Police state is right: threatened, arrested, harassed--for speaking the truth. Doesn't sound much better than the ruling Junta in Burma (or Myanmar as they want to be called). Our country's not going in a good direction...

  • W4kwd

    Welcome to Obamaville, these people (government) need to go...all of them.

  • Linda

    What a police state.

  • madmax

    Pilots and other flight crew should absolutely be screened because while they do control a big airplane that could wreak havoc as we saw on 9/11, if they are not screened and go rogue, they could bring in a whole cache of weapons, arm radical elements to take over many different aircraft. It's really common sense. Shame on the pilot's union for misleading in ways that could have catastrophic results.

  • Mac_warrior

    Always said that security was one of the biggest illusions known to modern man. Almost everything goes to show I am correct (and I'm scheduled to fly tomorrow...)

  • HarborGuy

    I've been bitch'n about this stuff for years.

    A lot of the TSA stuff is just fluff, with HUGE holes.

    ...and they try and silence him.