Congratulations Jan Brewer's Arizona, your death panel was effective. Mark Price has died.


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A few days ago, Keith Olbermann put out the word on Countdown about how to donate to to save lives like this one:

PHOENIX -- A Valley man who took center stage in the debate over state budget cuts that stopped funding for certain transplants has died.

Mark Price, 37, had battled leukemia for about a year. He died at a Valley hospital Sunday from complications of chemotherapy treatment.

Price hoped for a bone marrow transplant, but was notified in September that the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System would not fund the $250,000 operation because it had stopped paying for certain transplants due to budget cuts. An anonymous donor came forward in October and offered to pay for the transplant. However, Price died before the procedure was done.

I donated and hope you find a way to.

You'll hear Keith talk about Mr. Price in the video.

R.I.P. Mark Price:

Added... Congratulations, Jan Brewer. You got your way.

H/t: I think Lensman23?

UPDATE: Keith Olbermann is reporting that her "death panels" aren't responsible here.  Maybe not, but they will be if they continue.  And apologies for erroneously jumping to that conclusion in this case.

  • idahojtb

    thanks sunny.  im glad your son is doing good.  Mark is my brother. i would give every dollar for the rest of my life to have my brother back.  money is nothing, family is everything

  • Omg, I am so sorry.

  • Albaby Gerhart

    Mark was my brother. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about him, these budget cuts are killing people and ruining families, I would give anything including 250k just to have my best friend back.

  • Sforrest

    Seriously? You spend far too much time watching FOX an swallowing the BS the Right spoon feeds America. Obama Care had nothing to do with this case. The AHCCC is a medicare system and was established before Obama even stood in the Oval Office.

  • Dbs1970

    You're an asshole.

  • Joelatuna99

    is jan brewer saying that if she needs a tranplant she wont get one?? i think not.

  • Joelatuna99

    never thought that one human being (jan brewer) who is the govenor of arizona, would deny people the medical means to extend their lives. instead she has chosen to let them die. govenor brewer is a murder.

  • cocoman

    if i was her death panel i"d pull her plug just so she didn"t have to see the ugly hag looking back at her in the mirror every morning. she truly is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

  • Anonymous

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Death Panels!

  • Sunny

    What do you know? Have you or your family member had a BMT? Let me tell you what I know, My 29 year old son would have been dead 6 years ago had it not been for a bone marrow transplant! Do you think that is worth 250,000? 5 out of the 7 people that had transplants performed at the same time as my sons are alive, productive citizens including my son! He is paying taxes and so are they! So until one of your kids, if you have any, need this type of transplant, I suggest you get it so save their lives!

  • BoRock

    So Rob, ARE YOU going to pony up the $250k to pay this mans long shot treatment? You people slamming the state and name calling need to actually do some research to see precisely how this $250k Bone Marrow transplant has a very, very low success rate and success is NOT a cure, it is a temporary slow down of the disease advancement. This man, unless hit by a bus, was going to die from his Luekemia. Whether it was November 27th or December 12th, it was ending his life. He would NOT have become a healthy, happy human, it would have only POSSIBLY extend his days on earth. The quality of those days? Unknown.

    People die. Trying to save them from incurable diseases while throwing unlimited amounts of money at them does nothing to solve either the issue of the illness being fatal or possibly using those resources to really work towards a cure which could prevent the suffering and agony. Apparently, we would rather wish for a miracle than use our resources to create a solution.

  • BoRock

    The man died from Luekemia and complications from the treating of the disease with Chemotherapy. America is full of people always expecting the long shot cure regardless of what it costs. Sadly, "what it costs" needs to be a serious part of treatment considerations as well as "how will it improve his life? Will it cure his disease? Will it reverse the diseases course?"

    Families always want the very best for their loved ones "regardless of what it costs" because with third party payors (Insurance companies, State s Medicaid, Feds Medicare, etc.) the approach was throw everything at them regardless of cost or outcome and pray it works. I have an idea. How about the provider of the service (medical professional or establishment) agrees that if the patient dies after the treatment costs are incurred, they will reimburse whoever paid for the treatment? Make the med professionals put some skin in the game. If they are so sure what they are suggesting is in fact the answer, then provide the "if it fails we will pay you back guarantee". Suddenly, all of these long shot procedures will be withdrawn.

    We, as a society, must consider the financial costs of treatments paid by taxpayers. I watched my fathers Radiation Oncologist insist that despite stage 4 lung cancer with mets to brain, liver, spine, legs, heart, that he undergo $300,000 worth of "Radiation Therapy". It did absolutely nothing to provide him with any quality of life. It made him sick, miserable and extended his existence, but he had a horrible end of the last 60 days where he a vegetable unable to do anything, he knew no one, he constantly begged to have anyone end his life to stop his suffering. Hospice was involved. They provided pain meds. It did not stop his pain nor did it provide him with any quality of life.

    Meanwhile, he incurred $450,000 in medical bills and died 7 months after being diagnosed, with the last 2.5 months being absolute agony. I will never go down the same road. If diagnosed with advanced stage 4 cancer, I will take the pain meds and when my life becomes unacceptable to me, I will end it myself. There is no point in turning people into human medical experiments only to extend their misery. There is NO DIGNITY in living as my father did at the last 2 plus months of his life.......

  • no one STOPPED him from getting the transplant... the state just said it would not pay....

    There is plenty of blame to go around (why does it cost $250K), but the state CAN NOT afford to cover these costly procedures....

  • Donal Mason

    Jan Brewer needs to go pick out a nice sturdy broom, one that she can cling to when she gets what is certainly coming to her. In my head I'm hearing her cackle: He was a LIBERAL! Good ridddance!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!! (Margaret Hamilton!)
    This real-life death panel decision by the 'Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System' is what we can look forward to if and when Health Care Policy decisions are left to the tender mercies of an ever-more-privatized, 'profit above all' system. Do Republicans have hearts? I'm gonna say no, until proven otherwise....Disgusting.

  • Blondiegirl

    So, it begins with the state deciding who lives and who dies. Sound familiar?

  • Anonymous

    $250, 000 for a transplant operation, holy crap! I'm glad I'm Australian.

  • Anonymous

    If you're trying to get through to a thick-headed con, you have to use the proper dog-whistle dialogue... you need to "speak the language. And yes, if you insist - "a productive HUMAN BEING."

    Also a mom, a wife, a volunteer, a dog owner, a cat owner, a home owner, a bicyclist... the list is endless... must a person be productive to be considered "worthy" of saving? And who decides?

  • To call Jan Brewer a B*tch, or a C*n*, would do dishonor to those that at are B*tches and C*n*s. Just like Auschwitz Death Camps, one is just as bad as a Million innocents. I can visualize the Hitler moustache on Brewer now. I don't wanna hear her lame excuses either, there are none. Time for a recall of UnGovernor Brewer. She should be the political price, all of the RW should. It's time the media stepped up in Arizona and elsewhere and don't let this pass, into this good night. The RW wants a one rule party in charge, only looking out for the wealthy and ignore the disenfranchised.

  • Keith is saying the death panels weren't responsible, but I think I

  • Tax paying citizen? Why couldn't you have just left it as being a productive HUMAN BEING.

  • Tax paying citizen? Why couldn't you have just left it as being a productive HUMAN BEING.

  • When Republicans talk about "death panels," it's because deep down inside they want YOU to face a death panel. They are the fear they want us to feel.

  • When Republicans talk about "death panels," it's because deep down inside they want YOU to face a death panel. They are the fear they want us to feel.

  • Anonymous

    OMG... Laffy, as a transplant patient, this is every patient and their families worst fear. Had he received the transplant, he could return to being a productive, tax paying citizen. Looks like the Death Panels have, indeed, arrived in Arizona... at the hands of the GOP, the very people who claim to be Pro-life. I call BULLSHIT!

  • Anonymous

    The Grizzled Mamas continue their path of destroying lives

  • A true "Death Panel."