Congratulations Jan Brewer's Arizona, your death panel was effective. Mark Price has died.


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A few days ago, Keith Olbermann put out the word on Countdown about how to donate to to save lives like this one:

PHOENIX -- A Valley man who took center stage in the debate over state budget cuts that stopped funding for certain transplants has died.

Mark Price, 37, had battled leukemia for about a year. He died at a Valley hospital Sunday from complications of chemotherapy treatment.

Price hoped for a bone marrow transplant, but was notified in September that the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System would not fund the $250,000 operation because it had stopped paying for certain transplants due to budget cuts. An anonymous donor came forward in October and offered to pay for the transplant. However, Price died before the procedure was done.

I donated and hope you find a way to.

You'll hear Keith talk about Mr. Price in the video.

R.I.P. Mark Price:

Added... Congratulations, Jan Brewer. You got your way.

H/t: I think Lensman23?

UPDATE: Keith Olbermann is reporting that her "death panels" aren't responsible here.  Maybe not, but they will be if they continue.  And apologies for erroneously jumping to that conclusion in this case.