The Nation: Washington Lobbyists & Koch-Funded Libertarians Behind TSA Scandal


There's no smoking gun yet, but according to this article over at The Nation, the Koch Brothers and their little friends may be behind the latest "Don't TSA me, bro" controversy.

Why am I not surprised?

While this issue is certainly important—and offensive—to Americans, we are nonetheless skeptical about how and why this story turned into a national movement. In fact, this whole campaign feels a bit like déjà-vu: As the first reporters to expose the Tea Party as an Astroturf PR campaign [1] funded by FreedomWorks and Koch-related front groups back in February, 2009, we see many of the same elements driving the current "rebellion" against the TSA: Koch-related libertarians, Washington lobbyists and PR operatives posing as "ordinary citizens," and suspicious fake-grassroots outrage relentlessly promoted in the same old right-wing echo chamber. [...]

We could take it all at face value and just trust that they're all "ordinary guys." Or we could ask, "Who profits?"

One person who seems to have the answer is Rep. John Mica, the Florida Republican who is set to chair the Transportation Committee. [...]

The links between Mica, the libertarians, the Kochs, and the TSA scandal are only now emerging...

There is much more. Please go read the whole thing.

As the piece says, the issue is an important one, privacy issues are a concern, and invasive practices should be questioned. But this is a multi-faceted story (starting with the Koch Brothers and straight through to political and profit motives) that needs to be examined in depth. Thanks to The Nation, we're on our way.

UPDATE: The Nation responds to Glenn Greenwald's criticisms of their piece.