"Sarah Palin's Alaska" Ratings Plummet


It's feign surprise o'clock, everyone! Ready?

Oh my! Former Half-Gov Egoette McBadShow's ratings have taken a dive! Who could have predicted that?

Me, that's who. After the initial rubbernecking, this was bound to happen:

Sarah Palin's Alaska fell 40% on Sunday night to 3 million viewers.

Not many were in the key adult demo either. Only 885,000 viewers were ages 18-49, dropping 44% from last week.

In fact, the median age of the show is 57 -- that's 15 years older than TLC's average.

How's that not holdin' our interesty thing workin' for ya?

Unless you're really, really into Alaska, a die-hard Egoette fan, over 55, excruciatingly bored, or a glutton for punishment, there is no reason whatsoever to tune in to a self-serving family beating fish to a pulp for fun and profit.

Emphasis on profit.