Obama's Father's Day proclamation includes "two dads"


This is the President Obama I love and admire. The audacity of truth:

...Obama's 2010 proclamation notes: "Nurturing families come in many forms, and children may be raised by a father and mother, a single father, two fathers, a step father, a grandfather, or caring guardian."

His recognition of gay parenting, in a positive way-- grouping it in with all American parenting, as it should be-- is what this country needs to hear more often.

As best we can tell, this is the first time that "two fathers" made it into the annual Father's Day litany.

And hopefully, it won't be the last.

It's also worth noting that the line that immediately follows this year's "two fathers" line is a word of praise for the military...

Don't Ask Don't Tell is thankfully on its way out. If only discrimination were.