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And now … the GOP War On Women Turns To Verified Rape Victims


What would Maya Angelou say?

George Will coming out of the closet as a rape apologist should have been warning that the camo is coming off the old white male faces. Have a listen to his latest thoughts on sexual violence on college campuses, catch up at Raw Story.

Will asserts that making the leap from “forcible sexual penetration” to “nonconsensual touching” is too broad of a definition for sexual assault, and denigrates the “doctrine that the consent of a female who has been drinking might not protect a male from being found guilty of rape,” worrying about the costs of litigation for the universities and the reputations of college men accused of assault.


Worse?!? The existence of a backlog of rape kits that should humiliate SCROTUS itself. The offensive, unjust, rapidly-accumulating numbers and the systemic devaluation of finding justice for one of the most heinous crimes man can commit are shocking.


Anyone who has seen an episode of Law & Order S.V.U. knows how critical a rape kit is to a case.

And underneath that legal case is a woman, a rawly, recently broken woman, who knows that the precious shreds of DNA taken from her in painful, violating ways may be the only clues a jury will take seriously enough for her to find justice. And any hopes of knitting that shattered life back together.


You're 24 years old and in Tennessee, far as can be from a Hollywood set and that much more embarrassing because you know everyone in that little town and they know you. Collecting leftover semen and skin scrapings from under your raw, torn fingernails all happened in a fog, but you were repeatedly told by someone like Detective Olivia (goddess forfend as kind and a female at all) that this was EVIDENCE.

Your body is a crime scene. That is a reality that has been experienced by far too many women to ponder without a rage response. Girls and women of all ages, brought in by police of family, or having somehow gathered the inner strength to commit to doing the ultimate Walk of Shame and report a sexual assault with the intent to prosecute.

With great relief you watch the technicians finish your rape kit, and are congratulated for having chosen to stand up and fight back.


Then, crickets. The big cricket chorale of We Don't Care. The young Ronan Farrow of MSNBC afternoon earnestness, gave the absurd and disgusting rape kit backlog story a slot in his 'Call To Action' series this summer, a worthy cause.


Prepare to be more outraged that usual, and there's more in a shocking second segment.

And he then he and guests tell us of The Hundreds Of Thousands, yes I said Hundreds Of Thousands of backlogged rape kits lying around in storage.

GOP: shock and rage would be the appropriate response. Not cutting, cutting cutting every service that might help anyone other than the 1%. Not making women invisible and their justice meaningless.


Good Morniiiiing, Fvx Nation! Hasselbeck and Zerlina Maxwell re #YesAllWomen


Good Mornniiiiiing, Fvx Nation!

That's how I imagine they open the so-called 'mews' program Fox and Friends every day, with Hasselbeck singing bass.

Morning Mika and Schmoe were off cavorting, and that's dull, so a quick flip to what serves as the cable news channel between MSNBC and CNN delivered: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, we formerly loathed her on The View, was hawking an upcoming segment on ... The War On Men.

Golf clap.
The teaser alone was Librul Platinum: when we return, the panel discusses whether or not there really is a GOP War on Women.

Hasselbeck furrows her blonde brows … she's perpetually perplexed, that woman. How did Barbara Walters manage to sit anywhere near her for all those years on The View?

How can there be, when all races and sexes turned up at a #YesAllWomen-induced gathering in support of feeble females and the heroic men who tolerate them??!?? The so called "Men's Rights" movement got a Fvx moment in the sun.


Gag. I've got on my trusty Orvis Waders and Method™ Troll Repellant Spray, so let's check out the Tea Party stylings of Ms. Hasselbeck, and Fvx Morning Men, on her new and more fitting couch. (She was in über-suck-up mode as The Donald's Hair had just phoned in for his regular Monday bloviation.)

The splendid Zerlina Maxwell was, albeit briefly, there as a voice of reason. Unfortunately, they put her across from Miss America(?) … but Zerlina did make a great case for not scapegoating feminism with the so-called Men's Rights movement. Have a listen to Ms. Maxwell ably summarizing #YesAllWomen on MSNBC recently.

Poor Maxwell had to sit near Hasselbeck on the Fox and Friends couch this morning around 7:20 VT. She must have vintage Orvis Waders, as well.

"Some would argue that feminism is the cause of 'them' [presumably men] having less "right" in the courtroom,", brayed uncompassionate conservative, Palin Defender and (apparently) open hate-mongerer Hasselbeck.

Aarrghh. Just have a listen,  and again, so sorry to give Fvx this early in the morning. [They opted not to post video ICK , so I had my handy dandy digital voice memo app recorder to commit it to the interwebz.]


They pimped the be-jeebus out of the above mini-segment, saying how fair and balanced it was going to be … then gave it about 2.6 minutes of  'discussion'. [I've peskily Tweeted and contacted Ms. Maxwell for comment on the brevity, will Update if a reply flies in.]

Even for Hasselbeck, that was downright sad. Female Fail. Fact Fail. Fvx Fail.



Props to Zerlina Maxwell for going into the Lions Den of Delusion for #YesAllWomen.




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Dr. Marguerite 'Maya' Johnson Angelou's Epic Courage WAS #YesAllWomen

Maya Angelou

Image: BestLife Quotes

Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site:
Weaponry as penile enhancement is a timeless male tradition. Cave men absolutely took breaks from brutalizing Og-Ella to take crude yardsticks to their clubs, spears and their poles.

Is it any wonder that 55% of all women have been sexually assaulted or raped by now? "Men’s greatest fear is that women will laugh at them, while women’s greatest fear is that men will kill them", said Margaret Atwood, in one #YesAllWomen tweet.

The epic Melissa Harris-Perry took Elliot Rodger's entitled rampage on women to a critical place in the #YesAllWomen wave on Saturday. She firmly put systemic misogyny On Notice. Catch the illuminating conversation for yourself at MSNBC, first block of the show.

She gets it.

The Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen was tagged by 61,500 tweets per hour at its height. It was one of the most beautifully yet startlingly overwhelming experiences that I can recall as a card-carrying, first gen. feminist - and an utterly astonishing wave of strength, shared courage and love that is SO desperately needed right now.

Women are at war in far more than one theatre. The GOP Regressives have had their crosshairs trained on dames since we got the damned Vote. Hillary Reactionary Rage - 2008 round - escalated the Neanderthals and soon gave 'Rosemary style' birth to the bastard Lipton Brigade.

The medieval mentality of 'legitimate or God Given rape' and trans-vaginal wands is sweeping from old white guys to young entitled white bucks, apparently. The response of #YesAllWomen, was about as Everything as it gets on The Tweeter. It was empowering, devastating, unifying and a balm we sorely needed after the UCSB attack.

When the poet of America's soul, Maya Angelou, walked on in its ebb and flow … it was a mystical moment as simply profound as she was.

A woman who muted herself, silenced that extraordinary voice, for five years of post-rape trauma at the unthinkable age of 8. Melissa brought this story full circle as she described her personal history with Maya, who mentored her in college and beyond, and even hosted her wedding reception. Their last taped interview together is revelatory. Enjoy at footer.

We must have the courage to be courageous. Especially when poised to witness a fond dream of Dr. Angelou's: to see a woman take that seat in the Oval Office that our first black president has filled with honor and integrity ... and nary a lick of misogyny will have to be dusted off his chair.