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VIDEO: Rick Perry is "indeed" "open to the notion" of running for president in 2016. Name 3 reasons why, Rick.


oops rick perry smaller

Some things wear well, others wear out. Rick Perry falls into Category 2. He doesn't wear well, and between making us point and laugh and cringe, he wore us out when he ran in 2012.

But that won't stop him from trying again. Get out the popcorn. As you can see from the video, he was on on "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer.


"Our legislature will be leaving in approximately 55 days. ... At that particular point in time, I'll sit down with friends and family and make a decision about 2016."


"So you're obviously open to that notion?"



It's a good thing Ricky P wasn't asked to name three reasons why he wants to run.


Video- Erickson Brings Fox's Bogus Small-Business Attack On Obama To CNN


I've been watching this meme since it was birthed in the bowels of some far flung right wing blog looking for hits. They got what they wanted. Via.


VIDEO: Wolf Blitzer and birther Donald Trump talk birth certificates and Wolf's "small ratings"


UPDATE: Here's the whole thing, thanks to Mediaite, where they're very good at getting video up quickly:


"A lot of people don't agree with that birth certificate."

Well then, case closed.


"Donald, you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous."

 A little??

Wolf: What did your people find? Trump: That's old news.


Trump: I really wanted to talk about energy, etc. YOU wanted to talk birth certificates.


Trump: George Will's "not a smart person"... because he called me names, waaah! Here's the video of Will calling Trump a "bloviating ignoramus."

Trump, paraphrased: So Wolf, are those your small ratings or are you just happy to see me?

Wolf: How much money will be raised tonight? Trump: A lot. Wolf: Anything else you wanna talk about? Trump: No

And that concludes another in-depth interview with Donald Trump.

So Willard Romney, how's that master plan to slam President Obama on the economy by putting Birther Trump out there working for you?


Video- CNN Fact-Checks Maddow/Castellanos Feud Over Gender Pay Gap: Maddow Right


Via. I only have one thing to say-