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Madison Rally Bigger Than Biggest Tea Party Rally


Yesterday I posted this photo, which, by the way, got a simply splendid response:

Isn't that pretty? I thought so too. Madison never looked lovelier. In fact, police estimated up to 100,000 people turned out for the pro-union, anti-Walker the WonderWank rally, per Think Progress:

But yesterday’s rally in Madison is noteworthy because at 85,000-100,000, it was bigger than the biggest tea party protest, the September 12, 2009 rally in Washington, D.C., which turned out only an estimated 60,000-70,000.

Tea baggers, meet Real America.


VIDEO: Happening Right Now In Madison


A still image of this is here.


Wisconsin PhotOh! Looks like nearly enough for a recall to me


The Capitol view from the Assembly chambers, via BrettHulseyWI:

And a tweet from MikeElk:

If 300k are at #wiunion today important to remember 550k signatures required to recall walker


"Sen. Fitzgerald: Senate Democrats Should Be Embarrassed"


MADISON, WI… Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the following statement this morning (pdf):

“Today, the most shameful 14 people in the state of Wisconsin are going to pat themselves on the back and smile for the cameras. They’re going to pretend they’re heroes for taking a three-week vacation.

Here is my liveblog of what they said. You may notice that it was working people who go the pats on the back... and yes, the Wisconsin 14 are heroes for trying to protect democracy from you and your pals. Nice try, Fitz.

Vacation? Really? Is that what it was? If anyone is on vacation, it is you, Senator, a vacation from reality. See link.

As for smiling for the cameras, pot... kettle:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And as for shameful:

Take a look, Fitz.


It is an absolute insult to the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites who are struggling to find a job, much less one they can run away from and go down to Illinois – with pay.

Their appearance at the Capitol today is in direct violation of the contempt order issued by the state Senate earlier this month, and it proves their absolute disregard for the institution of the Senate and the constitution they took an oath of office to serve.

My liveblog covers all of this. Moving on:

But the people of Wisconsin won’t forget what they were really doing these past few weeks.

Good. Let's hope they never forget that, and that they always remember what you and your cohorts were really doing. Crushing unions, destroying the workers' rights, and doing your level best to eliminate Democratic voters from the 2012 equation.

“Sen. Tim Cullen refused to come back to save 1,500 jobs.

“Sen. Bob Wirch refused to come back to save countless middle-class jobs at the state and local levels.

“Sen. Mark Miller refused to come back even to make sure his own staff were safe in the Capitol he abandoned.

“Sen. Fred Risser refused to come back out of respect for the institution and dignity of the state Senate.

“Sen. Bob Jauch refused to come back even though our side was negotiating in good faith to try to find a reasonable compromise.

Stop right there. "Reasonable compromise"? Is that what you call it when you cut off debate, lie, deceive, and shut the people out of their own Capitol? Again, see my liveblog for the truth.

“Sens. Jon Erpenbach, Chris Larson and Lena Taylor were all too happy to pat themselves on the back and smile for the cameras in Illinois, never mind their constituents here in Wisconsin.

“And Sens. Dave Hansen, Kathleen Vinehout, Tim Carpenter, Spencer Coggs, JimHolperin, and Julie Lassa refused to come back to actually do the job they were elected to do.

“To the Senate Democrats: when you smile for the cameras today and pretend you’re heroes, I hope you look at that beautiful Capitol building you insulted. And I hope you’re embarassed to call yourselves senators.”

First:Embarrassed has two Rs. Moving on...

All one has to do is view the videos above to see that it is Fitzgerald, representing the rest of the Wisconsin GOP senators, who embarrassed himself, over and over again They've  made dishonest fools of themselves for the whole world to see, and as polls show, are losing support faster than Walker the WonderWank is losing hair.

Need proof? The Republicans needed out of state (Utah) petitioners to try to recall 8 Democrats. The people of Wisconsin are clamoring to get rid of 8 GOP Senators.

See you on the Tee Vee Machine. Don't forget to smile for the cameras.


Wisconsin 14 press conference: "There is no turning back... This is Walker's war."


The Wisconsin 14 is holding a press conference. I came in late, but here's the liveblog of what I caught. Some paraphrasing:

Apologies for not knowing the names of all of the Senators speaking:

"We're back to aid that movement... Right now, they're  [the GOP] walking the plank. They all walked the plank with the exception of Schultz. ... Alberta Darling:  got 24-27% of her signatures signed to recall her, they got more than a third needed for her recall. They are taking it to the streets, saying, "You did not hear us. Since you didn't change your minds, we'll change the faces.."

Another Senator:

"We have a job to do to repair the damage done to the confidence of citizens...  All of our conversations were about repairing the fabric... We'll see a continuing effort to repair the damage and restore rights. This is not a political, partisan movement, it is an American movement... This far surpasses the sixties... There is no turning back... the zeal to get their state back... President Obama is busy with Libya, etc. but recognizes the hope we believe in. We didn't plan for this moment, but we realize what is at stake. The loss of these rights is unAmerican. They are taking it on themselves to restore those rights, and would welcome Pres. Obama here in greater numbers than 2 years ago....

Walker said that day in and day out he was working to find a solution. Facts: For 18 days he had no communication with us at all. He must have had about 20 press conferences, 2 negotiation sessions. If he'd reversed that role, we'd have had an agreement a long time ago.

Many of us have had back channel convos w/ administration. We got a call a week ago Wed. asking if we'd like to meet w/ members of administration. A few of us did, at McDonald's. Next day, Walker was critical. Next day, I initiated another, a productive discussion... covered some positive ground... not near agreement, but committed to a good resolution to end impasse. The next day, Walker tried to drive a wedge, with Sen. Miller. We were going to go to the caucus to report progress, had SOME concessions from Walker's office... But conference didn't cover those concessions that we agreed to.

Remember when the governor called it a fiscal repair bill? ... Four days ago he said he has until April 15, so you'll see another bill doing the same thing he used as an excuse to gut collective bargaining.

He also held 1500 jobs hostage, took that back yesterday. Fraud. The sole intention was to destroy collective bargaining.

Another Senator:

At NO time were taxpayer dollars used for us in Illinois. Obama is welcome to come, he's watching, he still has time to come, there will be more demonstrations.

Tim Cullen:

Many oppose the bill, but many oppose abuse of power, demand fairness. The governor failed the fairness test, which is why the movement keeps growing.  It's the WAY they proceeded. We had conference committees that met to resolve differences, meeting for hours, days.  But for ten minutes?  They ran to the floor, we tried to come back to vote, speak against the bill, which is why they jammed it through in 30 minutes, after yelling at us for not being here. It's simple: Lack of fairness won't be tolerated in WI.

Lena Taylor:

We left because of a bill, we came back because of a movement. While we were gone, democracy was failed in so many ways. I'm excited to be back to join the people of WI who stood up.  I have no idea how anyone can govern, call themselves a leader, look at people of WI, and not be moved. I'm excited to be back to help that movement.

Jon Erpenbach:

In 2 1/2 months, lots of business tax breaks, we apparently have money to do that, but we're at each others throats. You can't conquer and divide... To 60-70% of the people, this makes no sense, balancing budget on the backs of those people. In the end, it's about fairness. What Gov. has done is not fair.  Process: What we did by leaving is to guarantee the process can sustain, although we didn't want to leave. What we did is to guarantee a debate. They did what they did, they have to explain to people of WI... saying an item was fiscal, then suddenly wasn't. We told them to take it out before we left. It was a charade.

This [leaving the state] came out of OUR pockets, we will ABSOLUTELY NOT ask for reimbursement.

Answering a Q: MSNBC has not contracted me, no.

Tim Cullen:

After negotiations on Sunday, we thought we made progress... they emailed back with less than we expected. They said if there was no deal by Tuesday, they'd explore all options, including nuclear. They said, deal by Tuesday or we move on. That's unfortunate, but we started from some very different places. They started with destroying unions, not even negotiating workplace safety... besides the union dues, contract, etc. We started with, this worked for 50 years, .... They said, we've talked long enough, to heck with you....

I've come back to an environment of an absence of moderates. If they're moderate, they're called Repubs In Name Only... They have nowhere to go but to follow their right wing or face a lot of consequences...  That's the way it is today. It's time for us to call the Senators we do have a relationship with and see if we still have it... I blocked out all the verbal shouts every day. All they do is disrupt the ability to negotiate or discuss in any serious way. What WE did was clearly legal, not clear if what they did is legal... It's not a good situation.


We did not violate any state law of any Senate rule. I want to be clear about that. Scott Fitzgerald did not have the authority to do ANYthing they did in those resolutions: Arrest us, fine us... that's not his job.  They don't have an answer, they can't defend or explain it. They are bankrupt when it comes to ideas to move us forward together. If they keep doing that kind of stuff, yeah, it'll be hard to work together. They're the majority, we have hundreds of issues to cover...


It's our job to rise above the pettiness. When history tells the story of the pettiness of the choices of the Senate Majority Leader... those things will show where the shame really should lie. I stand proud, tall on the choice no different than Abe Lincoln who chose to jump out of a window... Fitzgerald will want a rewrite of what he said.  The Constitution says it, they can't do that. There are only certain mechanisms to be found in contempt... we didn't do that.  There would have to be some breaking of a law. We have not done that. We USED the law.


The question is, legally can he sign that document? You'll be surprised at the answer.


Sheriff made it clear I couldn't be arrested unless we committed a crime. We didn't commit a crime. He said if someone came to my door to compel me to return to Capitol, and they don't leave if asked, he'd arrest THEM for trespassing. They'd send a deputy to arrest THEM for disorderly conduct. They can't compel us to come back [that way].


They knew that when they did it. I'm looking forward to the April 5th election.


The recall: It's clear. If you can't work out a deal with Tim Cullen, you can't work out a deal with anybody. Walker, Fitzgerald, there is no gray area because of what they've done. People will be forced to pick a side. This is Walker's war, nobody else's.

We didn't need the bill. Walker made the Budget Repair Bill up, to tear us apart. It wasn't needed. His proposals are NOT FAIR. There is no sharing the pain here, he's saying "too bad" to the middle class.


The Koch brothers clearly got the bill before we did, because they ran ads [before we got it]. All the way to the clean-up, the bald faced lies... $7.5 million? The people have been awakened. Those who didn't vote in the election, they understand now. Now the big budget: $900 million taken from education. What will that do to the kids?

Q: Obama disappointing you?


No not at all, He was very supportive, a couple of different times, of public employees. He has a nation to sail through some rough waters right now. He was briefed 1-2 times a day, I don't doubt him at all. Had he come here, it would have been more chaotic. I'm glad he didn't come here.


I agree. It would have been about him, instead of the workers of WI. It would've been politicized, it would have been about the 2012 election. He has time to come stand with the WI workers, real soon.