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Chart: "The argument against Obama's plan erodes." No tax increase for many "wealthy" families.


H/t: @DannyCrews who tweeted,

"The argument against Obama's plan erodes."

Why? Well, because many of the more fortunate families among us have no reason to be concerned about that evil Marxist Kenyan plan to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. Why?

The New York Times has the details, including:

A close look at the president’s plan shows that a large majority of families making up to $300,000 – as well as hundreds of thousands of families with even larger incomes – would not pay taxes at a higher marginal rate. [...]

The government does not tax contributions to retirement plans, interest payments on mortgages or charitable donations, among other things. As a result, two families with the same incomes will most likely have different taxable incomes.

Check out that chart. Those making between $350,000 and $400,000 would only pay an additional $2,500 or so, and those making $400-500,000, only about $4,000. I'm guessing they can afford that.


GOP Congressman: "The president has won this round relative to the [tax] rates..."


Multiple polls show public support for the Democratic position of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire the way they were meant to... two years ago. During negotiations, President Obama Version 2.0 has been refreshingly strong and even said he is willing to go over the fiscal cliff speed bump/blip/crossroads putting the GOP on the defensive, blaming them holding up a deal.

Now Republican Rep. Steve LaTourette of Ohio is coming right out and saying "the president has won this round":

(CNN) – The nine-term congressman, who's retiring in January, said he noticed a turning point on Wednesday when Republicans held their weekly meeting with House Speaker John Boehner–but he added Democrats need to meet them in the middle, too.

"The sense was that there's a growing number of folks in our party that are saying, you know what, the president has won this round relative to the rates, but we need to you to sit down and get the second half of the deal and that's the spending," LaTourette said on CNN's "Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien."[...]

Known as a center-right Republican, LaTourette has been circulating a letter with some Democrats urging leaders of both parties to give some ground on their sticking points, rather than stay entrenched on opposing sides of the battle line.


Video- Laura Ingraham Trashes Romney Camp For Trailing In The Polls: ‘Should Be Up By Five, Six Points’


Love to watch them eat their own, and Laura's been pretty good at this lately. Via Mediaite.