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BREAKING: Newt Gingrich winner of South Carolina primary


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Keith Olbermann is reporting that ABC, Fox, NBC are all projecting Newt Gingrich the winner.

He also said that CNN is calling it a 9 point victory.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney came in second, per Keith.

UPDATE, via a CNN email alert:

Exit polls show former House Speaker Newt Gingrich leading former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 38% to 29% among state voters who spoke with network exit poll interviewers.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum was getting 17% in the exit polls and Rep. Ron Paul has 15%.


Obligatory post: Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire GOP primary; Ron Paul comes in second.


Only because we have to:

Mitt Romney has won the New Hampshire primary, the Associated Press projected as polls closed Tuesday night.

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The win, forecast by the television networks from exit polls almost immediately after voting ended, would give Romney a one-two sweep in the early balloting of the 2012 campaign, a first for any Republican apart from a sitting president.

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And Ron Paul came in second, Huntsman third, per NBC, as Chuck Todd reports that the Romney camp is thrilled with that news.

ADDED: President Obama has won New Hampshire's Democratic primary.


VIDEO: President Obama's Victory Lap, er, Statement On Payroll Tax Cut Extension


On MSNBC, they used the words "victory lap" a lot.

Big hat tip to @ReasonVsFear for always grabbing the video for us.


Whistleblower "Bunny" Greenhouse wins nearly $1 million settlement in case involving Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root


Today's Moment of Happy comes from WaPo. I'm not sure why it's being overlooked; this is the first I've heard about this outcome:

After years of fighting the government, Bunnatine (Bunny) Greenhouse, a whistleblower who was demoted after exposing problems with a sole source contract related to the invasion of Iraq, has won an almost $1 million settlement. [...]

Beyond the particulars of her situation, Greenhouse said her case makes it “loud and clear that federal employees need better laws” to protect them if they engage in whistleblowing.

The Greenhouse settlement with the Army Corps of Engineers closes a high profile government whistleblowing case that involved a Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown and Root. [...]

...Greenhouse said her working conditions had deteriorated to the point that someone rigged a trip cord in her office last year, causing her to fall ...

And this isn't making the rounds. Unbelievable. President Obama's "Look forward, not backwards" doesn't work in legal cases, considering every crime ever in the history of time was committed... in the past.