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Bonus Cartoon of the Day- Debate Deniers



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Video- Hannity's Focus Group Thinks President Obama Will Be Re-Elected


I like it when Sean Hannity gets scared. Via the wonderful Newshounds.


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CNN: Mitt Romney will win the Puerto Rico GOP primary


Via a CNN email alert:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will win the Puerto Rico GOP primary, CNN projects.

Puerto Rico's 20 delegates will be awarded proportionally. However, if Romney finishes with a majority of the vote, he will take all of the delegates.

Puerto Rico's primary comes two days before the showdown in Illinois, where 54 delegates will be awarded proportionally and polls show a tight race between Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.


Mitt Romney has sailed to a win in Puerto Rico's GOP presidential primaryover chief rival Rick Santorum... Romney will top 50 percent and win all 20 of the island's delegates to the Republican presidential nominating convention in August.

Next up is Illinois on Tuesday. Polls show Romney and Santorum locked in a close race there.